What Are Personal Loans For?

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You may be thinking “what are personal loans used for?” A personal loan is a loan taken out for virtually any particular, personal need you may have. For many, personal loans are used in order to make large home-related purchases such as a new stove or a washer and dryer, as purchases like these can be much larger than a paycheck for an entire month. Other times, personal loans are reserved f
or needs such as debt consolidation, a wedding, or a vacation.

Advantages of taking out a personal loan could be to gain special benefits only offered by credit card companies or retailers. An example of this may be any scenario where you transfer credit card balances into an account with a 0% rate and pay off as much as possible during the time frame that the rate is applicable for. At the end of that time frame when the rate is due to increase would be a great time to pay off your remaining balance with a much lower interest personal loan.

The Guide To Paying Off Debt and Building Your Credit

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Need bad credit help? Want to pay off your credit card or loans quickly? The auto title loan specialists from Tio Rico can help you get out of debt quickly and on your own. Just follow these simple steps to smart financing so you can move on with your life and stop worrying about money right now!

1. Learn to control your debt
First and foremost, you need to recognize the necessary steps to control your debt. You need to commit to permanently changing and stopping any behaviors that got you into debt in the first place. Confront your debt head-on. This may be obvious, but you also need to be able to make and save enough money in order to repay the debt. This takes time as you know, money doesn’t grow on trees. In order to do this, you may need to minimize your purchases and live a little less luxuriously.

Yep! Increase Your Credit Score with a Vehicle Title Loan

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Good news! Auto title loans are not based on your credit score which means this type of loan can be the perfect fix to raising your credit score. Increasing your credit score, better your financial options in the future. For some, low credit scores may mean that it’s completely impossible to qualify for any type of loan or credit card– which can be a hardship these days. Learn how to pay off some of your debt and increase your credit score by applying for a vehicle title loan with Tio Rico Te Ayuda! (more…)

How to Pay Off Auto Title Loans Quickly

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Do you have little, no, or bad credit? Getting a loan may not be one of the easiest options for you, but that doesn’t solve your issues of living paycheck to paycheck with constant bills coming in and life’s unexpected turns being, well, unexpected. When times are tough and you need to find a way to get ahold of money fast there are very few options. However, one of the best options available is a car title loan. This loan allows you to access money quickly by using your car as collateral for the lender. And lucky for you, Tio Rico Te Ayuda has the best auto title loans! (more…)

How to Start an Emergency Fund

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How much money should you have saved for life’s unexpected events? More importantly, how do you make room in your budget to finance an emergency fund? The experts at Tio Rico Te Ayuda are here with tips to help you learn some quick and easy ways to get your emergency fund started! (more…)

The Benefits of Taking Out Auto Title Loans


What do auto title loans, car title loans, pink slip loans, title loans, and payday loans all have in common? All of the loans listed, with the exception of payday loans, are all the same thing. Auto title loans come in many different name variations, but they all serve the same purpose, which is borrowing money using the borrower’s car as a security deposit for the lender. In any of these cases, a copy of the borrower’s vehicle title is temporarily given to the lender as collateral. So what about payday loans? A payday loan is an unsecured, short-term loan where the borrower must present to the lender their previous payroll or employment records in order to utilize the loan. (more…)

How to Get a Personal Loan with Bad Credit

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What is a personal loan?

If you need some quick cash and are thinking a personal loan is right for you, you should learn more about what a personal loan is. A personal loan is a fast, short-term cash loan where you can borrow as little as a few hundred dollars up to $1,000. Many times life can throw us a curveball, like a broken down car or flooded basement. Instead of these unforeseen situations wreaking havoc on our wallet, it’s best to consider getting a personal loan. Here at Tio Rico Te Ayuda we make the process of applying for the loan and getting the money you need painless and fast, in a little as 30 minutes! (more…)

4 Ways to Maintain the Value of Your Car

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Cars are expensive, so keeping your vehicle in the best condition possible throughout the entire time you own it is very important. No matter what, all cars lose their value over time, so here are some tips to slow down that car depreciation process and keep that hard earned money in your pocket. (more…)

Learn How to Grocery Shop on a Budget


Food is expensive. It’s also very easy to make impulse purchases at the grocery store that may send your budget in a tailspin. In fact, grocery stores are set up to tempt you to spend money. Candy bars, quick snacks, and gum are located at the checkout counter while and necessities like milk or eggs are located in the opposite end of the store. Sneaky, right? Lucky for you, we can give you some tips to save on your grocery bill and can offer you short term loans if you have a big grocery bill. (more…)

5 Ways to Build an Emergency Fund

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Life takes a lot of unexpected twists and turns. What happens if something goes wrong? What happens if that something is really expensive? By setting up an emergency fund, you can relax knowing that if anything does go wrong, you’ll be able to get through any situation while still being financially comfortable. How much should you have saved up? The amount differs for each person, but a good emergency fund entails three months worth of money. That means any expense you need to live comfortably without working for three months. Avoid financial ruin by reading up on some of the emergency fund tips and knowing that quick cash loans from Tio Rico are available if you need one! (more…)

Get Cash for Auto Title Loans

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Come visit our Tucson location where we offer innovative lending services alongside superior customer service. Know that Tio Rico Te Ayuda is here for you when unforeseen emergencies come up. We love to exceed our customers’ expectations and help people get an auto title loan when they need money fast.

The Best Spring Break Trips, On a Budget

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Already dreaming of spring break? Already wondering how you’re going to be able to afford it? When you are a customer of Tio Rico Te Ayuda, we work together to help you get the money you need. Once you fill out our quick and simple form, one of our friendly and experienced customer service representatives will work with you to determine the amount of your loan. You get to take your cash immediately! This means your dream spring break can be affordable! Below are some tips to help you plan the best spring break possible. (more…)

3 Tips on How to Stay Organized in College

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The biggest key to success in college is mastering and implementing the art of organization. Being able to balance your academic life, social life, and work life can be extremely stressful. But not to worry, Tio Rico Te Ayuda has 5 helpful tips to help keep you—and your budget—organized. (more…)

The Secret to Easy Income Tax Preparation Phoenix Professionals Need to Know

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Tax season can be stressful and taking the time to prepare, organize information, and write checklists will not only remind you which documents you need but it will save you time. There are many articles and checklists available online but My Tio Rico has already done the research and is here to help with tips tax preparation Phoenix professionals need to breeze through everything with no problems at all. (more…)

Super Bowl Sunday Party Ideas on a Budget!

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As the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers gear up to face each other for the second year in a row many fans are planning and preparing for the big Super Bowl party. No matter if you love the Broncos or the Panthers you’re bound to love the gathering of friends around tasty food to watch the big game. Heck, maybe you’re there for the commercials or to watch Coldplay in the halftime show. No matter what your reason is, hosting your Super Bowl party could be expensive but doesn’t mean you need to stress you out. Here are some party ideas that everyone will love and won’t make you go broke and feel deflated (haha). (more…)

Stay Committed to Your Financial New Year’s Resolutions

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If you are like the majority of people, you most likely decided to turn over a new leaf by making New Year’s resolutions. We are a few weeks into January and by now, some resolutions may have stuck and some may have not. Whether you resolved to eat healthier, exercise more, spend less money, or pay off debts, the point of this blog is to encourage you to stick with it! It’s okay if every day isn’t perfect, but it’s all about balance. Maybe it’s too chilly in the morning to go out jogging; so go to the gym instead. If you go out with friends to have a beer, fill up on a healthy salad first. (more…)

Tio Rico Te Ayuda Launches New Website

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Tio Rico Te Ayuda invites visitors to explore their new website which has been designed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience. With easy to use navigation and improved functionality throughout, the new website allows easy access to detailed product information, services, and resources.


3 New Year’s Getaways in California

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The holidays are officially over, and it’s time to get away from Los Angeles and regroup for a weekend. Whether you escape to a coastal resort with scenic views of the beach, a cozy mountain hideaway, or a relaxing and restorative spa retreat, the Golden state has some of the best experiences to offer. (more…)

How to Save on Your Perfect Winter Wedding


Winter is a romantic, magical season for a wedding! Perhaps the winter months may not seem ideal for a wedding but if you haven’t set the date yet for your big day, don’t rule out December, January, and February. Even if you always dreamed of having a sunny summer wedding, read our tips on How to Save on Your Perfect Winter Wedding below. These tips might just convince you that the winter season is actually the ideal time of year to say your vows.

Car Title Loans for Winter Safety

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Winter is on its way, and there’s no worse time to be stuck out in the cold with a broken-down car. Before it’s too late, it’s important to bring your car into your local mechanic for a winter car tune-up. Here is a list of things you’ll want to get looked at to make sure your vehicle is ready for the unpredictable driving conditions that are soon to come.