4 Easy Ways to Prevent Identity Theft

Ways to Prevent Identity Theft

You probably read about it all the time, someone’s identity being stolen. You may even get notifications or email about there being a security breach within a company you subscribe to, and that they recommend you get a new card because of it. No matter what you know about identity theft, it’s a crime that’s been growing all around the world. The New Mexico title loan experts at Tio Rico want to keep you save and share with you four simple ways you can protect yourself and your family from becoming a victim:

  1. Find a safe place for your personal documents: NEVER keep your Social Security card or any other personal documents in your wallet. These documents are often used when applying for a new job so a lot of people just tend to keep it in a place that’s always readily available. By keeping these documents readily available to you, you are also keeping them readily available to an identity thief. Find a safe place such as a file and keep it in a safe place in your home. Whenever you need to pull it out, always put it back right after.
  1. Order a credit report each year: We recommend that you order a credit report at least once a year. These reports can be found for free on websites like annualcreditreport.com. Not only is having these reports actively updated a simple and preventative identity theft precaution, but it’s also nice to have these reports available if you happen to apply for any New Mexico title loan or personal loan programs. Remember to always take a close look at these reports and flag any suspicious activity.
  1. Check your credit card statements: Similar to always keeping an eye on your credit report, make sure you also keep a close watch on your credit card activity.Try to make a habit of saving your receipts and matching them up to your statement at the end of the month. This may end up saving you lots of money in case a retailer makes an error in addition to preventing identity theft.
  1. Use strong passwords: Do you think it’s annoying when certain websites say your password isn’t strong enough? You should listen to them! Nowadays, everything is accessible via accounts on the internet. If someone knows your password12345, it’s likely you could become hacked and thusly a victim of identity theft. Along with your personal documents, keep a password sheet locked away somewhere safe. Use a variation of strong passwords for all of your important personal accounts and change your passwords annually.

No matter what you do, always take precautions. If you would like to learn any more information on what identity theft it and how to prevent it, contact a New Mexico title loan expert at My Tio Rico Today. If you would like to learn more about how our New Mexico title loan works or how it can help you out if you do fall victim to identity theft, fill out the form to your right and we will assign someone to be in contact with you to address your unique situation as soon as possible.