Auto Title Loans FAQs

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Do I need full coverage auto insurance?
Full coverage insurance is only required on loans over $2500.
How long is the loan?
It depends on your payment schedule.
What is the interest rate?
For the best rate apply now or contact a Tio Rico Te Ayuda representative.
What will my payment schedule be?
It will be bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly.
What if I am not able to pay-off my loan by the end of my contract?
Just call us, we are always willing to help.
Can I make my a payment after hours?
Yes! You may make a payment online.
What if I become late on my payment?
It is very important to keep in communication with the Tio Rico Te Ayuda store that made your loan.
 Please call customer care at (602)345-8085. We will always try to help.
What if I live with someone else?
We would like to see some recent mail that has been sent to your current place of residence.
What if I am not currently employed, self employed or do not receive a regular paycheck?
We may still be able to help you, just call us at (602)322-1010.
Do I need an appointment?
No appointment is needed. We are always available to assist you during normal 
business hours.
How are my Title Loan funds issued?
We give you a check from a local bank.
How long does it take to get my money?
In most cases 30 minutes or less.
Do I need an Arizona Certificate of Title?
All Arizona lenders will require an Arizona title. Converting an out of state title to an Arizona
title is easy to do. We can assist you with that.
Does my vehicle need to be paid for?
No, while it is easier to qualify for the amount you are requesting when your motor vehicle is paid for, sometimes we can pay off your existing loan and issue you a new loan or call (602)322-1010 for more
What if I have bad credit?
Your credit history is not an important part of our customer evaluation.
Are there any year or mileage limits on my motor vehicle?
No. There are no year or mileage limits.
What is the minimum and maximum loan amount?
Do I get to keep and drive my motor vehicle?
What is an Auto Title Loan?
An Auto Title Loan is a short term cash loan against your motor vehicle. We make loans
 on Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, RV's and Commercial Vehicles.

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  • Loan approval in 30 minutes or under
  • Flexible payment plans (bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly)
  • No insurance required in most cases