Looking for the Best Auto Title Loans?

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Sometimes we need a little extra cash to get ahead on bills, paying for school books, new appliances– you name it! Tio Rico offers a simple solution with auto title loans. Within minutes and with minimum requirements, you could have your cash in hand.

We know what you are thinking. Your credit score is not where you would like it to be, or perhaps you have no credit at all. That’s okay! Our experienced customer service representatives have worked with thousands of people to get them the loans they need when they need them. Here’s what you need to know to get started. (more…)

5 Easy Steps to Getting an Arizona Title Loan


We get it. We all need a little extra money to help pay the bills, buy new appliances when they break or buy new books and supplies for school. Tio Rico offers a solution simple solution, a title loan. Here are 5 simple steps to attain your Arizona title loan and get the financial relief you need. (more…)

Need Money for Holiday Gifts and Events? Auto Title Loans Might Just Be the Answer!

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Still need a little extra cash before the holidays for presents, parties, or even bills? Don’t worry, there is still plenty of time to get loans from Tio Rico. We understand that cash flow can be tight this time of year, so we offer a simple solution that will help your family to relax and enjoy the holiday season. You can get a cash loan in as little 30 minutes, be off to finish your shopping, and back home relaxing before you know it. If you have a vehicle, a clear or lien-free car title, a picture ID and a checking account or debit card from your employer you can get approved for a personal loan (if you are a resident of New Mexico and Arizona) up to $1,000. (more…)

Looking For a Little Extra Cash This Holiday Season? How About a Title Loan!

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Let’s face it, the holidays are here, and you need extra cash for gifts and parties. We all do! An easy way to boost your financial situation during the holiday season is by picking up some side jobs and even getting a little creative. Here are our top picks for making a little extra money while still being festive.

Hang Christmas Lights or Decorate
Holidays mean decorations and Christmas lights. Many people want all the glitz without the hassle. So this year offer your services to friends, family, and even businesses. Start by looking around your neighborhood for signs and then check Craigslist for ads. You may not be a professional Christmas decorator, but anyone can string some lights and set up some reindeer. You can even charge a little more to come by after the holidays to take them down – double win in my book. (more…)

Best Ways to Save Money This Season – Plus Holiday Loans!


The holidays are right around the corner, you are probably feeling like you have more cheer than cash this season. Many families around the country are experiencing the pressure of the financial crunch when planning all the gifts they need to purchase for family, friends, and parties. How can you celebrate bigger and better, but with less cash this holiday season? Don’t worry there are many ways to save money other than going shopping at big shopping centers and spending too much money. Be we offer a few simple ways to save a little cash this season, so you can focus on spending quality time with your loved ones. (more…)

Happy Thanksgiving From Tio Rico!


Happy Thanksgiving from our team at Tio Rico! We hope that your day is filled with the people that mean the most to you, and moments that will create loving memories you will cherish for years to come. We hope that throughout the year we have made a positive impact on your life. We are thankful for the opportunity to have been there for you when times got tough. Enjoy your time spent with family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, or even strangers; and be thankful for all they bring to your life. (more…)

Black Friday is Around the Corner! Get Ahead of the Crowd with a Title Loan

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The Black Friday Shopping Breakdown

As Black Friday quickly approaches, retailers prepare to offer the best sales of the year– for one day only! It is the starting line for the race for Christmas and we all want to take advantage of the great deals. The only problem is that it is quite overwhelming, and we are often scratching our heads deciding where to start. To help you navigate through the sea of sales and chaotic crowds we have put together a few tips so you can make the most out of your Black Friday adventures. (more…)

Happy Veterans Day From Tio Rico!

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Today is Veterans Day, and we proudly honor those who are serving or have served our nation. We join communities throughout the United States of America in celebrating America’s veterans for their unwavering patriotism and devoted support of our country. We also like to take a moment to thank them and their families for their willingness to serve and sacrifice for the greater good of our country. Across the nation, there will be celebrations and festivities where friends and families will gather to recognize or remember their loved ones who have given so selflessly of their time.

This is a day close to our hearts, as many of us know someone who is serving or has served in our nation’s armed forces. Today, take the opportunity to send them a note of thanks or visit them if you can. From the grateful Tio Rico team, we offer a sincere thank you to our Veterans because without your commitment and service, our country would not be where it is today. (more…)

It’s Cold and Flu Season: Qualifying For a Loan May Help with Impending Doctor’s Bills

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It’s that time of year again! Yes, unfortunately, it’s cold and flu season and that means expensive trips to the doctor, flu shots, and over-the-counter medications to soothe the discomfort of illness. The easiest way to avoid getting sick this year is by making your health a priority. It makes you feel better as a whole, helps build a strong immune system, and most importantly, prevents extensive expensive medical bills. Some medical issues cannot be prevented regardless of how healthy your lifestyle is, but so many others can. (more…)

Deciding on Terms for California Auto Title Loans


What are Auto Loan Terms?

If you need cash quickly and as conveniently as possible, California auto title loans are a great way to go. Tio Rico makes it easy for you to apply right on our site, call one of our team members, or pop into one of our locations in the greater Los Angeles area. If you are a qualified applicant, you can get the cash you need that day! Once you have the loan, the terms encompass a number of things. The terms depend on how much money you borrow, the amount of your monthly payments, and how long you must pay back the loan. The other perk to getting fast cash loans like an auto title loans is that once you are qualified these terms can be customized to your needs. (more…)

My Energy Bills are Sky-High! Albuquerque or Phoenix Loans Can Help

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Cold weather is around the corner, and we all know that means higher energy bills. If you are living in Los Angeles, Albuquerque or Phoenix loans can prevent you from getting caught behind in payments. Energy bills can skyrocket if you’re not attentive to how you use your utilities, so we have compiled a few tips to help you save money in the first place. (more…)

Why Chose Tio Rico? You Can Get Personal Loans Online Today!

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The Best Loan Rates and Superior Customer Service!

Tio Rico offers some of the best loan rates in Arizona, New Mexico, and California, as well as unmatched customer service to all of our customers. We all get into financial emergencies, so we work to ensure that you get the cash that you need, when you need it. We urge you not to hesitate to contact one of our loan specialists today, as we can relieve the stress of the situation and walk you through the loan process. We make it simple for you by offering the convenience of starting the loan application right on our site so you can get title loans or personal loans online today! (more…)

Need Extra Cash for Football Season? Get a Vehicle Title Loan!


The fall sports season is upon us, so for football fans that that means lots of time and money dedicated to this pastime. From college football to fantasy teams to professional ones, your season is going to be packed with activities and healthy competition. Whether you enjoy watching the game by having spirited tailgate BBQs, putting on chili cook-offs, cheering your team at your local pub, or supporting them from the stands, there is a lot of fun to be had with friends and family. (more…)

Car Title Loans! Complete the Top 5 Home Improvement Projects Under $500


Fall is a perfect time of year to get those lingering home projects accomplished. Unfortunately, many remodeling projects can leave a big dent in your checkbook. You can get an auto title loan from Tio Rico, quickly and easily, in order to get started on those projects as soon as possible! With title loans, you can get between $100-$1000 almost instantly, allowing you to tackle some of the top 5 home improvement projects under $500 this autumn. (more…)

What is a Personal Loan and How Can I Get One?

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We’ve all been there! You need a small amount of money–quickly, but you’re not sure what steps to take. Ads and commercials bombard you with options that leave you feeling more confused than empowered. You don’t need a loan for a big-ticket item like a house or car, just some extra cash. Have you been left wondering “ what is a personal loan ” and “can I get one”? Let Tio Rico clearly break down the qualifications and the process for you. (more…)

Why Qualifying For a Loan Could Be Easier Than You Think

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We have all been there: You’re in a financial pinch and need cash quickly. Sometimes thinking about qualifying for a loan may be overwhelming and seemingly impossible. Luckily, Tio Rico is here to help you get the money you need when you need it. Here a few things to think about before getting your bank loan approved.

What Type of Loan Do You Prefer?

Before you apply, take a moment to check out the various loan packages available. Whether you are looking for an auto loan, personal loan, or signature loan; evaluate which one would work best for your life. Once you find the one that seems like a good fit, set goals for paying back the loan as fast as possible. (more…)

Loans For People With Bad Credit – What You Need to Know

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Do you have a financial history or record you are not entirely proud of? Years of too much spending and not enough saving leaving you with bad credit to deal with, even as you get your financial situation back on track? Do not worry, you are not alone in this situation. In the United States alone one out of five individuals has poor or bad credit.

Tio Rico is here to help. As an Arizona-based financial lender, with convenient offices throughout the state of Arizona and New Mexico, Tio Rico is the solution for individuals with bad credit looking to take out a loan. We offer many different loans for people with bad credit. (more…)

Car Title Loans 101

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Do you own your car? Is the title free and clear? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then you are the ideal candidate for a fast and easy car title loan. Living paycheck to paycheck has become a tedious part of so many people’s lives, but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore! With a car title loan, you can pay your bills, purchase an appliance, make home repairs, take a vacation or whatever you like! The best part? No credit check or headaches dealing with a bank. (more…)

What is a Personal Loan?

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If you need a relatively small amount of cash fast, a personal loan is a great solution. For short-term loans ranging from $100 to $1000, you can easily be approved! No appointments are needed, approval is lightning fast in most cases, and many different financial situations can be worked with, even without a “regular paycheck.” (more…)

Two Types of Arizona Loans to Help You in a Pinch

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This summer beat the financial heat with one of Tio Rico’s Arizona loans. Summer is the season for backyard parties, weddings, vacations, and unexpected circumstances. This, of course, means you will need extra money fast to prepare for what may be lying ahead. Whether you need additional money for that summer vacation you planned for the family, an upgrade on your air conditioning unit, or some emergency vehicle repair we offer two types of loans to help you out– whatever your situation may be this summer. (more…)