Looking for the Best Auto Title Loans?

Ford Mustang

Sometimes we need a little extra cash to get ahead on bills, paying for school books, new appliances– you name it! Tio Rico offers a simple solution with auto title loans. Within minutes and with minimum requirements, you could have your cash in hand.

We know what you are thinking. Your credit score is not where you would like it to be, or perhaps you have no credit at all. That’s okay! Our experienced customer service representatives have worked with thousands of people to get them the loans they need when they need them. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

How Much Money Can I Get?
Tio Rico offers some the best auto title loans New Mexico, and Arizona has to offer. We can lend you a sum of money ranging anywhere from $100-$100,000 for a set amount of time.

How is That Amount Decided?
The loan is made against the equity of a vehicle you own, whether it is a car, truck, motorcycle, or RV. Even if your vehicle is not paid for yet, our team is happy to work with you in order to qualify for the amount you are requesting. If your vehicle is not paid for yet, we can even pay off your existing loan and issue you a new loan. If this is your case please call (602) 322-1010 for more

But What’s the Catch? Do I Have to Give Up My Vehicle?
There’s no catch, and no, you don’t have to surrender your car to your lender. The goal is to have the money you need and still be able to perform your daily activities. You simply show the lender your application (more on the application process below), your car, the title of your car, and a photo ID. Once you’re approved, you receive the cash that day, while the lender holds the auto title as collateral. Like any loan, you want to pay on time and within the required time period to avoid negative consequences (i.e. late fees, car repossession, etc.) or talk to them about a rollover loan.

How Fast Can I Get My Loan?
Pretty fast. First of all, we recommend being prepared with the items you need to get the ball rolling: a picture ID and a certification of your vehicle. It’s quite simple to get started on a title loan application. Tio Rico has a one minute form that you can conveniently fill out online.

The submission is then followed up by a call from one of our friendly loan specialists. If you would rather apply in person, we also have offices throughout the Albuquerque and Phoenix areas. Feel free to stop in and discuss the possibilities and terms with a loan officer today.