5 Easy Steps to Getting an Arizona Title Loan


We get it. We all need a little extra money to help pay the bills, buy new appliances when they break or buy new books and supplies for school. Tio Rico offers a solution simple solution, a title loan. Here are 5 simple steps to attain your Arizona title loan and get the financial relief you need.

Step 1: Fill Out A Quick and Easy Application
Applying for a title loan is the most important but also one of the simplest steps to getting your title loan. Filling out the application only takes 1 minute, but before you start you might want to take a look at what you will need to successfully fill out the application form. Here is what you will need:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • A Car, Truck, Motorcycle or RV
  • Certificate of Title
  • Picture Identification or Drivers License

Once you have this information, you will then need to fill out the application by calling one of our Tio Rico locations or filling out the application found on the right side of the screen of our website.

Step 2: Get a Return Call or Email from One of Tio Rico’s Loan Specialists
After submitting your application, one of our experienced Loan Specialists will receive the application and look it over. Once the application is reviewed, they will call the number you provided or email you to discuss the information you provided in the application. All this will be done within just 10 minutes or less from when you submitted your title loan application.

Step 3: You’re Approved!
The next step is the approval process. Our loan specialist will examine your application and determine if your title loan is approved or not. At Tio Rico, our knowledgeable staff will take you through this process in 30 minutes or less because we know how valuable your time is.

Step 4: A Title Loan Customized to Your Needs
At this time, we need to go through the details of the loan. These details consist of determining what plan type you would like to select whether it’s bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly etc. Once the details have been worked out our Loan Specialist will take you through the paperwork and signing of the loan. You will be out the door with cash in hand before you know it.

Step 5: Become Owner of New Title Loan
After all the paperwork has been filled out and signed, one of our Loan Specialists will finalize the title loan process, making you a successful owner of a new title loan. This can be a big responsibility that comes along with several questions so if you ever have a question or need assistance don’t hesitate to call or visit our website for more information.

Applying for a title loan and getting a title loan is a very easy process here at Tio Rico. Start by simply filling out the 1-minute form to the right and a Tio Rico team member will contact you shortly!