3 Easy Ways to Save On Your Wedding


Many women fantasize about their wedding years before they even meet the love of their life. From choosing the color scheme, the dress, the flowers, the decorations it’s all ideal, but rarely do they ever think about the cost.

One of the most unromantic things about a wedding is the price tag it holds. Like all events, weddings are extremely closely with the average wedding cost being upward of $30,000. My Tio Rico knows you have other things you would rather spend that huge chunk of change on. In addition to websites like Pinterest, there are dozens of resources available to help you create a perfect DIY wedding at a very low cost. There are plenty of ways to save you bank account without sacrificing your dream day. The experts at My Tio Rico are here with 3 easy ways on how Tucson title loans can help you save money on your upcoming (or future) wedding.

1. Design and print your own invitations
Do you have a friend who is an aspiring graphic designer? Team up with them to create your ideal Save-the-Dates, invitations, and other paper goods. Not only will it be of low cost for you, but it will also help out your friend by being a part of your big day and adding something to their portfolio. All you have to do is find a company or website to print your cards. Luckily, with the help of technology, doing this has never been easier!

2. Skip out on the entrees
The cost of full course catering is huge. Do an internet search of food trucks in your area and book one for the day. Not only will this add a trendy and unique quality to your big day, but it’s a cheap way to feed your hungry guests. In addition, whip up a load of DIY appetizers like pasta salad or veggie trays, and you’re sure to be golden.
As another idea, rather than your guests bringing a gift for you, have them bring some sort of potluck meal.

3. Save on the dream dress
Okay, we get it, the wedding dress is a huge part of your big day. However, it is also one of the most pricey and wasteful, as women only wear their dress one day out of their whole life. Don’t go the expensive route! Try looking up a rental, buying used, or checking out what Mom may have worn. By only paying a small fee for the dress and any altercations, you’re sure to save the most and still look great walking down that aisle!

It’s no secret that people tend to make an unnecessarily extravagant and money wasting day out of their wedding. In reality, this is only one day of the first day of your life with your soul mate. Start your life off together by not being in any sort of debt by keeping your wedding spending in check.

As always, if you find you need help with the costs, talk to an expert at My Tio Rico about Tucson title loans. For more information on how you can save money on your wedding day, contact a Tucson title loans expert today, fill out the form to your right!