The Best Places to Travel This Fall, On a Budget


Are you getting antsy to do some fall traveling? Why wait?! Fall is one of the best times to go on an adventure, and for following destinations, having small budget doesn’t matter! The Albuquerque NM title loans experts at My Tio Rico have compiled a list of affordable and exciting cities they recently visited that are up and coming when it comes to travel. Check out these locations around the United States that’ll get you itching to pack up your suitcase and hit the road!

Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia, and North Carolina
If you’re an outdoors enthusiast check out the United States’ largest linear parkway, spread out with miles of trails and camping sites. Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime while only paying campsite lodging fees as little as $20 per day. You can save even more by cooking up your own food over a campfire!

Umpqua Hot Springs, Oregon
When you take the plunge and escape to southern Oregon, you’ll find an abundance of campsites and beautiful landscape in all directions. There are many hiking and aquatic adventures all free of cost for all ages to enjoy. If you’re looking for more of a spa treatment, you can find that here in the great outdoors! The Umpqua hot springs are said to feature more than 75 different minerals that can help you feel rejuvenated and relaxed, without paying steep expensive spa prices. Bet you didn’t think Albuquerque NM title loans could help do that for you!

Kansas City, Missouri
Looking for more of a city experience? An expert on the My Tio Rico team can’t stop raving about his experience in Kansas City! Not only is Missouri one of America’s most affordable states with cheap hotel rates in every city, but the world famous BBQ is, well, pretty world famous. There are many different Midwestern cultural activities you can experience, from microbreweries to unique museums to city tours. Don’t miss out on this wonderful place!

Are there any other popular destinations you think we missed? Let us know and feel free to share any of your budget friendly travel experiences. If you’re interested in learning more about how Albuquerque NM title loans can help you enjoy your fall getaway, contact one of the Tio Rico experts now by filling out the form to the right.