Securing a Personal Loan if You’re a Student

College Student

There is no doubt that the costs of attending college have increased in the past decade. Where circumstances allow, personal loans for students with no income or credit history have become a popular choice to offset the cost of books, dining, off-campus housing, and even day-to-day living expenses.

Easy Ways to Save Money for an Epic Summer Vacation

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Looking to get away this summer? But worrying about the expense? There are ways to save money on a tight budget. The first thing to do is to set your savings goal. Where is it you wish to go on vacation and how much money will it take to get you there? Once you establish the cost for air or ground transportation, accommodations, meals, and miscellaneous activities, then you will know how much you need to save. It doesn’t have to be an expensive holiday this year, but you can certainly make it an epic one. Chose a destination, determine how much you need to make it happen, and follow these 10 steps and you will be on your way to save money for your summer vacation. (more…)

Can I Use My Car as Collateral for a Personal Loan?


Can you use a car as collateral for a personal loan? Though it is not necessary to pledge any security or collateral when applying for a personal loan, if you have any type of collateral, then you can use that when applying for your loan. However, most personal loans are unsecured loans that are given by a lender to help the borrower meet financial needs. For personal loans are just that—a flexible loan to be used for just about any personal reason you may need. (more…)

How Do Car Title Loans in Arizona Work?


If you’re in the midst of a financial emergency, getting a car title loan in Arizona is one quick way to solve your immediate financial needs. For people who do not have sufficient credit for a traditional loan, auto title loans can be beneficial for those who need some quick cash. Car title loans do not require credit checks or income verification. Instead, the title loan is secured by the vehicle title of the borrower and the loan amount is based on the equity in your vehicle.

8 Ways to Make Extra Money from Anywhere


The challenges people face in today’s economic climate have sent many clambering for ways to make extra money. With income, wages, compensation, and benefits failing to keep pace with inflation, people are struggling to just keep their heads above water. Those looking for ways to make extra money can find it working at home or, in the digital age, from just about anywhere. Though there are many ways to make legitimate extra money, do not quit your day job just yet, and be wary of work-at-home scams. With that in mind, here are 8 ways you can earn extra money in today’s economy: (more…)

Tips for Getting a Personal Loan with Bad Credit

get a personal loan with bad credit

Applying to get a personal loan with bad credit may seem like a trying experience, but it is not impossible. Even with bad credit, personal loans are available. Ironically, by using a personal loan responsibly, you can work to improve your credit, get up to date on your payment history or consolidate loans and pay off debt to repair your credit. Continue reading to learn about why getting a personal loan with bad credit can actually benefit you. (more…)

Get a Title Loan in AZ Even with a Lien on Your Car


Obtaining a car title loan in Arizona or Nevada is a relatively easy process—even if your car title already has a lien on it. You are eligible for a car title loan on any of your vehicles or any type of motor vehicle. So, instead of selling your car for quick cash it might be worth your while to pursue a secure title loan—whether you have a lien on it or not.

What You Should Know About Registration Loans in Phoenix

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Loans can be found for just about every financial need—auto, mortgage, school, personal—and for Arizonians—registration loans. Loans vary depending on the needs of the borrowers, as do the terms and conditions of the loan. Borrowers in the Phoenix area can secure registration loans that are flexible and convenient. Registration loans are an easy, straightforward way of securing the funds you need. The process is quick without any hassles. (more…)

6 Simple Tips to Increase Your Credit Score


Low credit scores can trip you up when trying to get a car loan, a personal loan or even an apartment to rent. The good news is that there are ways that you can increase your credit score. It begins with wanting to improve your credit score, and then takes some self-discipline, determination, and focus. You will have to be proactive and most likely have to sacrifice your time and effort. To help you on your way, here are a few tips to increase your credit score. Some may help you sooner than later, but all will help improve your score to a level that will be beneficial to you and your family. (more…)

5 Practical Steps Toward Financial Freedom

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Financial freedom is the goal that everyone strives for. Whether it’s paying the bills on time or banking an emergency savings fund, we all would like to move beyond the weekly grind. We all want to stop living paycheck to paycheck, of being trapped in a continual cycle of financial frustration and discontent. To be clear: the road to financial freedom is a long and winding one. It is, however, a road, and with the right directions, you can map a course that can get you to your destination.

You may have heard or read of many ways to work toward financial freedom. Setting goals are high on everyone’s list, but the key is actually taking those first steps, no matter how small, to move along the road in the direction of your destination. Though not comprehensive, here are 5 practical steps that you can take toward financial freedom. (more…)

New Years Money Loans: Securing Cash Quick and Easily

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Money loans have always been a quick and easy way to secure cash when needed. Perhaps no better time to consider this is in January. Into the New Year, the holidays have wound down, and the bills have started to hit the mailbox. For many, the Christmas season, with all the gift-giving, holiday parties, celebrations, travel, time off from work, combined with increased spending that goes with it, can add up to fresh debt. That debt, on average, according to consumer reports, is just under $1,000 come January. It can quickly snowball if not paid off quickly. Why? (more…)

Learn How to Prevent Identity Theft This Season

how to prevent identity theft

Learning how to prevent identity theft can save you time, money, and serious aggravation. Identity theft can happen anytime. Your personal information can be pulled from a trash can. Your credit card number can be copied by waiters at a restaurant or clerks in a department store. Most people inadvertently give away too much of their personal information on social media, allowing any thief to ‘fill in the blanks’ once they have made an ‘in’ on who you are. As vulnerable as you are, there are still ways to prevent your identity from being stolen this holiday season. It begins with you! It is up to you to monitor your financial related accounts and personal data to protect yourself and your credit.

Below are 10 useful tips to aid and protect your personal information, which can help to safeguard your identity and your credit. (more…)

Save This Christmas: Cheap (Even Free!) Stocking Stuffer Ideas

holiday loans

The joy and excitement of the holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the season of gift giving. With so many on your Christmas list, it’s easy to spend more than you have budgeted. If you are short of cash, holiday loans are a good option to avoid encountering financial troubles or regret come January, but they can also help your save this Christmas. Don’t let the holiday season become an emotional tug of war between your purse or wallet and the lure of online and local retailers. It’s important to have a spending strategy in place to ensure every stocking is stuffed and you make it through the holiday season in financial peace. (more…)

Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Budget This Holiday Season

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Learning to grocery shop on a budget is important, but it is especially essential around the holidays. Doing so is one of the best and easiest ways to pinch pennies, and help to ease you through the months ahead. It can be difficult. Rising food costs, combined with smart marketing can leave the most seasoned shoppers scratching their heads. However, it is possible to save, and you can take the upper hand. As you grocery shop this holiday season be proactive by having a shopping strategy in place. You will be pleasantly surprised how much money you can save. Here are 7 tips to get the most ‘bang for your buck’ this holiday season. (more…)

Learn How to Responsibly Use Personal Loans

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Personal loans are one of the more popular kinds of loans for consumers in Phoenix, AZ (or anywhere for that matter). This type of loan is a form of credit used for a specific purpose. It is unsecured, meaning, there is no collateral when borrowing as in the case with a mortgage or car title. All that is required by the lender for a personal loan is your credit score to determine eligibility, credit limit, and what the interest rate on the loan will be. (more…)

Shopping Season Tips: Avoid the Pitfalls of Fraud

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With the holiday season approaching, how to avoid fraud should be at the top of every consumer’s shopping list. Today’s world of online banking has simplified borrowing money. Yet, the new technology has been combined with old tricks to make it easier for scam artists. Financial scammers prey the most on people who have the most to lose. They do not discriminate by age or class, ethnicity or religion, only on the uninformed. Individuals seeking loans around Christmastime are particularly vulnerable. (more…)

The Biggest Mistakes College Students Should Avoid

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College students and fiscal responsibility. Historically, these two categories are not the best combination. College typically marks the first time the majority of students are on their own, socially, scholastically and financially. Students will face difficult financial decisions when it comes to money management, as they have to balance tuition, books, supplies, food and spending money. This financial balancing act can be problematic for anyone, let alone college students. Below we point out some common financial traps for college students to avoid and some tips for staying on budget.

How Do Registration Loans Work?

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Where do you turn to when an unexpected, costly life emergency pops up? The average person is not going to have $3,000 just sitting around waiting for an emergency to happen. Life can be expensive. Most people will seek out an auto title loan to help bridge the gap. But what do you do when you are still making payments towards your vehicle and the title is not in your name? Say hello to registration loans. (more…)

How to Get Quick Personal Loans


Picture this all too real-life scenario: You’re just involved in a car accident and are at fault. Everyone is okay, but the other vehicle involved has some heavy damage. Unfortunately for you, collision insurance is expensive and you are already in debt with student loans. The damage costs outweigh your savings account by a bit. What do you do? How do you pay? This is where quick personal loans from Tio Rico come to the rescue. Below we discuss how to obtain quick personal loans for those emergency life situations. (more…)

Travel Light and Save Money Like a Pro

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Summer is not quite over, and September is still a favorite time of year for people to venture out for a vacation or road trip. While vacationing and exploring is no doubt fun, it can also be expensive. Today we explore some personal finance tips on how to travel like a minimalist and save money while out on the road vacationing. (more…)