How to Save on Your Perfect Winter Wedding


Winter is a romantic, magical season for a wedding! Perhaps the winter months may not seem ideal for a wedding but if you haven’t set the date yet for your big day, don’t rule out December, January, and February. Even if you always dreamed of having a sunny summer wedding, read our tips on How to Save on Your Perfect Winter Wedding below. These tips might just convince you that the winter season is actually the ideal time of year to say your vows.

Get Lower Prices by Planning Your Big Day On the Off Season
Are you a bride on a budget? You’re in luck because a white winter wedding can save you lots of green. Since the winter months tend to be slower for wedding vendors, many of them offer discounts or are willing to negotiate prices. Once you add up all your savings on a DJ, florist, bakery, etc. you can then either pocket those savings, or re-invest them into other wedding items, like decor, apparel, and accessories. Spend less, get more…another win-win for the winter bride!

The Gift of Less Competition
Do you have your heart set on a particular reception hall or photographer? You might be in luck because winter weddings are far less common, which means you’ll probably be able to snag that popular venue or wedding vendor that you’ve been dreaming of. And since their schedule is likely to be pretty open, you won’t have to settle for a less-than-ideal wedding date.

A Decorative Winter Wonderland and Cozy Accessories
Winter has so many themes and motifs that you can weave into your wedding day. To stay cozy and warm, you can drape yourself in elegant cover-ups and accessories. Stay fashionably warm with some hand warmers or accessorize you and your bridesmaids’ dresses with a chic shrug, or wrap.

Create a Memorable Experience for You and for Guests
Because winter weddings are far less common, simply having your wedding in the winter will make it very unique and memorable. You and your wedding guests attend so many weddings throughout your lives, so having a winter wedding will be something fun and different for everyone involved.

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