Car Title Loans for Winter Safety

winter driving

Winter is on its way, and there’s no worse time to be stuck out in the cold with a broken-down car. Before it’s too late, it’s important to bring your car into your local mechanic for a winter car tune-up. Here is a list of things you’ll want to get looked at to make sure your vehicle is ready for the unpredictable driving conditions that are soon to come.

For you and your family’s safety, get your brakes looked at to make sure they are equalized. If they are uneven you are more likely to skid on icy roads.

A diagnostic check on the engine is a good pre-winter investment. You do not want problems such as worn spark plugs, faulty wiring, or a sticking choke giving you trouble on those cold winter mornings.

Battery and Electrical System
The cold weather is without a doubt hard on your battery. If it is several years old, it is good to have it checked to make sure the connections are clean and tight and to make sure there is no corrosion around the connectors. A faulty battery that won’t start your car is the last thing you’ll want on a cold night when you are trying to get home from work.

Exhaust System
Have your mechanic check the muffler and tail pipe system for carbon monoxide leaks. This can be very dangerous in the winter when car windows are closed most of the time and fumes can enter your car.

Heaters, Defrosters, and Wipers
Windshield wipers should be changed to winter wiper blades and old washer fluid should be switched out with cold weather washer fluid as well. You should also have your heater and defroster inspected to ensure both are working properly to handle the extremely cool temperatures

Oil and Filter
It’s a great idea to have an oil change before the cold winter weather hits. Dirty or old oil can cause all sorts of different problems affecting the performance of your car.

Depending on where you live, snow tires are the best for winter months since they are created specifically for driving on snow. If you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow it would be a good idea to get snow tires put on your car.

Need Help Paying For Repairs?
Afraid you might end up with a repair bill that you can’t afford? Be smart this holiday season and don’t skip out on repairs because of the high cost. It’s not worth the risk of getting you and your family in a life threatening accident. Keep you and your family safe this winter and get a car title loan to help pay for the repairs you need. Car title loans from Tio Rico will help you get the cash you need when you need it most. Give us a call at 877-620-3739 or visit us at one of our convenient locations to see how we can help you, today!