The Basics of a Vehicle Registration Loan

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What is a car registration loan? That’s a good question. Chances are unless you live in Arizona, you are unfamiliar with that type of loan. But for those who do live in Arizona, they are a convenient way for consumers to borrow money. The terms are favorable, in the sense that lender requirements are generally few, and the funds can be had quickly. The loans are available for people with limited, poor or no credit. Plus, people who live on a fixed income can benefit from the easy terms of a registration loan, too. (more…)

Everything You Need to Know About Bad Credit Personal Loans


Whether you have good credit or bad credit, personal loans are available to consumers for a variety of reasons. They offer the borrower the opportunity to use funds for just about anything that they may need. Purposes can vary, from paying down or consolidating high-interest credit cards and automobile repairs to medical bills and home improvement projects. (more…)

Be Prepared for the New School Year with These Money-Saving Tips


With the new school year fast approaching, parents will look to save money on school supplies wherever they can. Gone are the days of the usual pens, pencils, and notebooks. These days the list of school-supplies can include electronic notebooks, iPads, laptops, wireless earbuds, portable power stations, backpacks, and yes, a new wardrobe. Costs add up quickly. A 2018 Backpack Index study that tracks classroom supply and fee costs found on average that parents will spend: $637 for elementary students, $941 for middle school students and $1,355 for high school students. (more…)

Types of Loans Available for Those with Poor Credit

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Loans for bad credit are available for people whose credit may have been negatively affected for one reason or another. Any number of circumstances can cause unexpected financial hardships or setbacks that can hurt your credit rating. Fortunately, even with poor credit, if a financial emergency occurs, there are loan options for you to pursue. (more…)

Coupon Strategies That Can Save You More Money

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With the rising costs of groceries and other goods, there is no time better than now to start cutting coupons to save money. Taking advantage of coupons really does work. Developing advanced coupon strategies, sometimes referred to as extreme couponing, is, in many ways, a job. How well it pays depends on your strategy. The more you plan, the more money you will ‘earn,’ i.e., keep in your pocket. Those funds can be redistributed into your household budget or applied wherever you want–a savings account or to pay down a credit card. Here are several ways to jumpstart a coupon strategy of your own. You will be amazed at what you can save: (more…)

Tips for Saving Money Before Baby Arrives

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Saving for a baby is important. If you have a newborn on the way, especially if it’s your first, you may be a little panicky about expenses. Depending on where you live and the cost-of-living there, meeting your baby’s needs and child-care over the first couple of years can run upwards of $7,000 to $12,000 annually. (more…)

10 Ways to Cut Your Utility Usage in Half

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Looking to cut costs from the monthly budget? Knowing how to save on the electric bill is a good start. Whether it’s running big appliances too often or unnecessarily or simply leaving the thermostat turned up when no one is home, there are ways to trim your energy consumption in your house or apartment that could cut your electric bill in half, saving hundreds of dollars a year. To get started, here are 10 tips to save big on your electric bill: (more…)

Getting a Loan with Poor Credit – What You Need to Know


Looking to borrow money with a low credit score in the midst of a financial emergency can be troubling. If you’re out of options and wondering, “How can I get a loan with poor credit?” there are possibilities for consumers with limited borrowing options to get a loan. If you suddenly need money for a medical bill or to repair a car for work or an unexpected tax bill, even with a weak or low credit score, don’t give up on applying for a loan. Getting a loan with poor credit is still, by any other name, a personal loan. (more…)

Supporting Employees and Customers During COVID-19

At Tio Rico Te Ayuda Loan Centers, we understand this is an unprecedented and stressful time. I want to take a moment to address how we are responding to this situation.

We plan to keep our stores open, when we can, to support our customers essential needs for quick, easy and flexible loans. By keeping our doors open, we continue to support and secure jobs for our employees who depend on us and continue to be available for our customers’ needs in the communities we serve. (more…)

Coping with An Unexpected Financial Blow

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Sometimes, the unexpected happens and you need to get money fast. With rent coming due next week, your shift may have been canceled, your hours may have cut back, or you may have been laid off. Coping with an unexpected financial blow can be tough. We never really know when it might happen or when, but there are ways to adapt when it does. You don’t have to do anything drastic but you do have to take action and make a few in order to get through the transition period. (more…)

7 Unique Ways Millennials Are Saving Money


Millennials are saving money and working hard, despite what you hear from the witless wonks and social commentators who mock them on cable news. Often portrayed as being lazy, self-centered, spendthrifts who live in their parent’s basement, the reality is just the opposite. (more…)

Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half with These Tips

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Few would argue that the cost of groceries is on the rise. With the cost of feeding a family of four averaging between $800 and $1,000 per month, learning how to save money on groceries can present challenges. Nowadays, to save money on groceries is less about being a frugal shopper, though that is certainly one of the goals to keep in mind and more about developing a shopping strategy. (more…)

4 Reasons to Save Your Tax Return Money This Year

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For many people, it is tax refund season. The time of year when American taxpayers get to see a portion of their hard-earned money returned to them. Even though you promised yourself last year how not to spend your tax return, you went ahead and bought the new PlayStation. The year before your tax return was spent on a 75 inch flat-screen HDTV. Well, now’s your chance. It’s a new year and you have another opportunity to save your tax refund and put it to good use. Putting it in your savings account is not the only option, but it’s a good start. Here are 4 other options to consider making the most of this year’s tax return: (more…)

Registration Loan Requirements in Arizona


A registration loan is a unique type of loan that is only offered in Arizona. Though most lender registration loan requirements may vary slightly, what will be required is the registration of a vehicle in the borrower’s name. In other words, in order to be eligible for a registration loan, one must have a vehicle registered in his or her name. Vehicles can include autos, trucks, an RV, motorcycles—anything with an Arizona vehicle registration. (more…)

What Kind of Loan Can I Get with Bad Credit?


Getting a loan with bad credit or no credit does not have to be a stressful experience. You may be a first-time borrower needing a loan or experiencing bad credit due to a medical crisis, a poor financial decision, and-or a period of under-or-unemployment. Even on the rebound, a financial emergency may strike and you will need to take out a loan to weather the storm, so to speak. You may believe it is not possible to qualify for a loan without turning to predatory lenders. However, the good news is that it is not true. (more…)

How to Do Christmas on a Budget

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There are ways to lessen the financial drain on your bank account this Christmas and enjoy the season. In fact, Christmas on a budget does not mean having Christmas without fun. You can still give thoughtful gifts to your loved ones. With a little planning and budgeting, you can have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season without wondering how you’re going to make it through January. Here are 10 ways to save on Christmas while celebrating the season. (more…)

Rebuild Your Credit Score with These 5 Tips

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It’s always nice to have a healthy credit score, but if you are in place at that moment where your credit needs rebuilding, rest assure that you are not alone and, even better, you are not stuck in this place forever. Knowing how to rebuild your credit score will help you get back on track with your credit rating. It doesn’t happen overnight, but within a few months, your credit score will begin to rise and improve. You will need to establish a strategy—a practical approach to achievable goals, month by month. (more…)

How to Do Thanksgiving on a Budget

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Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family and friends, a time to be grateful and count your blessings. It doesn’t have to be a lavish affair. In fact, doing Thanksgiving on a budget will not only save you money but can be rewarding. A budget-minded feast takes but a little planning and a little creativity. You can celebrate the goodness in your life with turkey, side dishes, desserts, and drinks and do it all within your monthly food budget. If you are hosting this year’s dinner, here are ways to keep the costs down, and enjoy the day and your company as it’s meant to be. (more…)

10 Easy Ways to Make Money Fast

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Who wouldn’t want a little extra money in his or her pocket? Finding ways to make quick cash can bring about financial security and a lot of stress relief. It can help you pay down debt or save money toward a new car or home. From a side hustle or a gig to launching your own cottage business, there are many ways to make quick cash and start earning extra money. (more…)

Teaching Your Kids Financial Responsibility


Teaching your kids about money can help lead to a lifetime of fiscal responsibility and financial stability. It’s essential that your children learn from a young age the merits of managing money. With nearly 60% of today’s working-age Americans having very little or no retirement savings, any unexpected expense can impose a hardship for many families. There is a very real debate on the root of the problems—the export of jobs, inflation outstripping wages, and an undertrained workforce—but there is also a number of personal factors to consider. Top among these is taking responsibility to ensure the next generation is better prepared. (more…)