3 Scenic Drives in Phoenix, AZ


Does COVID-19 have you cooped up in the house with nothing to do? How about a scenic drive with your family? If you live in the Phoenix area, there is plenty of beautiful scenery to cure your cabin fever. Here are three scenic drives in the Phoenix, AZ area.

Apache Trail
This 40-mile stretch of State Route 88 begins east of Phoenix in Apache Junction and ends at the Roosevelt Dam. You might guess from the name that the trail was founded by the Apaches, but the road was actually created to transport the materials needed to build the dam. The trail winds through the Superstition Mountains, with views of desert landscapes, saguaro cactus, rock formations, and canyons. The speed limit is 15 MPH, so be sure to plan plenty of time for the drive.

Dobbins Lookout
To get to Dobbins Lookout, drive south on Central Avenue until you get to South Mountain Park. Once you enter the park, the road changes to Summit Road, which goes right to Dobbins Lookout. It takes 15 minutes to get from the base of the mountain to Dobbins Lookout, which offers one of the best views in Phoenix.

State Route 51 and Loop 101
State Route 51 and Loop 101 have been designated as a scenic corridor, and the city takes steps to preserve the views and the residential character of the route. This includes protecting the area from industrial use and advertising structures.

Next time COVID has you feeling cooped up, jump into the car and go for a drive. There’s plenty to see in the greater Phoenix area. Is COVID putting a crunch on your budget? A personal loan from Tio Rico can help you get back on track.