How to Save the Most During Cyber Monday

online shopping

Cyber Monday is a shopping day that can save you lots of money and has the added benefit of not requiring you to actually go out and fight the crowds. Now, more than ever, people are turning to online shopping to get most if not all of their holiday shopping done. You will save the most money possible by approaching cyber Monday shopping with some strategies in place. Keep reading for cyber Monday tips that will help you find the best deals and get everything you need for the holidays.

Browser Extensions

Use a browser extension to help you find additional deals. Browser extensions like Honey and Capital One Shopping can help you find even more savings on top of your cyber Monday deals. These extensions are free to add and can check popular discount codes every time you make a purchase. If there are no active discount codes you may still qualify for cashback or bonuses from the extensions themselves.

Prioritize Purchases

Prioritize your shopping list. Take a look at your shopping list before cyber Monday and prioritize it based on what you want the most. There may be more stock for items that you purchase online as opposed to in-store but there is still a limit to the number of particular items that retailers have available. You do not want to get to your top item only to find that it is backordered. Prioritize your list so you get your top items at the beginning of your shopping on Cyber Monday.

Stay Up Late

Stay up late. Many websites start their cyber Monday deals at midnight. This means that you can gain access to all of your cyber Monday must-haves by staying up late instead of setting your alarm and trying to fit your shopping in before heading off to work.

Email Lists & Social Media

Sign up for the email lists of your favorite retailers. The email lists of your favorite retailers is a way to get access to insider deals. Some retailers send coupons, discount codes, and early access to people on the email list.

Get social with your favorite retailers. Social media is another place where your favorite retailers may post deals and tips in the days leading up to cyber Monday.

Shipping Costs

Look closely at the cost of shipping. Be sure and look closely at the cost of shipping before you purchase any item on cyber Monday. A deal may not sound as good when you calculate the cost of shipping.

These are just a few cyber Monday tips that can save you time and money on the holiday shopping you already plan to do. A little preparation can make your cyber Monday experience go smoothly and help you get your shopping done without ever leaving your house. If you need some quick cash for Cyber Monday shopping My Tio Rico can help! Contact us today about our title or personal loan options.