Need Back to School Money Fast? Consider a Title Loan


There is a lot of focus on how expensive it is to pay for tuition and books at college. It can be difficult to find the money for tuition and books each semester. Even if you have the basics of tuition and books covered, there is still a long list of other expenses that can add up when it is time to go back to school. If you need back-to-school money fast to cover expenses beyond tuition and books, consider getting a title loan.

Unexpected Expenses Happen
If you have your tuition, books, and rent covered as you prepare to go back to school you are in a good position. Having those big expenses covered can be a relief – especially if you had to work hard to find that money. Unfortunately, those big expenses are not the only ones you will face as you go back to school. Unexpected expenses like a car repair, medical bills, or living expenses that were higher than expected can all seem to show up at once. There are times when you need money fast to cover unexpected expenses that pop up while you are at school.

Get Access to Money Quickly
If you need back to school money quickly, getting a second job or applying for a traditional loan are options that simply do not provide funds quickly enough. You can have cash in hand in as little as thirty minutes when you apply for a title loan. A title loan is a loan that you can get based on the amount of equity you have in your car or truck. You can get a title loan on a car that you owe money on as long as the amount you owe is less than the total value of the car. Since your car can serve as collateral for the loan there is not a long waiting period or complicated approval process.

Find a Loan Even Without a High Credit Score
It is rare for college students to have already established a high credit score. If you do not have a high credit score it can be difficult to get loans or credit from traditional lending institutions. A title loan is different because it is based on the value of your car and not on your credit history. You can get access to money quickly even without good credit as long as you have a car with some equity.

A title loan can be a great option if you need back-to-school money fast. Tio Rico offers title loans and personal loans at four locations throughout Arizona. You can start the application process for a title loan from Tio Rico online and get access to the money you need as soon as today.