Two Types of Arizona Loans to Help You in a Pinch

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This summer beat the financial heat with one of Tio Rico’s Arizona loans. Summer is the season for backyard parties, weddings, vacations, and unexpected circumstances. This, of course, means you will need extra money fast to prepare for what may be lying ahead. Whether you need additional money for that summer vacation you planned for the family, an upgrade on your air conditioning unit, or some emergency vehicle repair we offer two types of loans to help you out– whatever your situation may be this summer.

Auto Title Loans in Arizona

An auto title loan is simply a loan made against the equity of your vehicle. This can be against your car, motorcycle, truck, or RV (motor home) making it convenient and accessible for you to get money quickly. Tio Rico works with you, making it easy to get a same-day cash loan in as little as 30 minutes. To apply, fill out a simple 1 minute form on the site, confirm that you are 18 years or older with a picture identification, and provide us with your certificate of title for your vehicle. Within moments, you can have up to $2,500 for that home project you have been meaning to finish, some cash for a down payment on a much-needed car, or whatever your need may be this summer.

Personal Loans That Are Flexible

At Tio Rico, we understand that financial difficulties can come unexpectedly and are always a sensitive matter. A personal loan is a fast, easy solution offering flexible borrowing amounts. Maybe you need as little as $100 for a phone payment you got behind on or you need up to $1000 to replace a broken home appliance. Again, we make it simple for people living paycheck to paycheck to borrow money and feel secure in their finances. Similar to our auto title loans, all you need is to fill out our quick form, confirm that you are 18 years or older with a picture identification, and a checking account or debit card from your employer. We can process and approve your application in as little as 30 minutes!

This summer you can rest easy knowing that your bills will be paid on time when you are in a monetary pinch, that you will have a running, reliable car to get to work, or that you can turn the AC on to stay cool in the Arizona heat. Tio Rico’s flexible repayment plans and convenient loans can let you enjoy the all the best parts of summer without worry!