Travel Light and Save Money Like a Pro

personal finance tips

Summer is not quite over, and September is still a favorite time of year for people to venture out for a vacation or road trip. While vacationing and exploring is no doubt fun, it can also be expensive. Today we explore some personal finance tips on how to travel like a minimalist and save money while out on the road vacationing.

Get the Most From Your Fuel Up
Although summer is one of the most popular times of year to vacation and travel, it is also the time of year where fuel costs increase. Gas is expensive, and also necessary for road trips. Stop wasting excess money at those gas stations right off the highway that will charge you more money to fuel up. There are several quality apps today that will help you hunt down the cheapest fuel sources in the area. When you are fueling up, use a payment method that will maximize your dollars spent with reward points that can also help you save money on your trip. Also, try and avoid heavily congested traffic areas, as that will drain your gas levels. Try and use cruise control when possible, as driving at a constant speed is more fuel efficient, and make sure your tires are fully inflated at all times.

Keep Your Car Up to Par
Before you venture out, make sure your vehicle is properly tuned up and ready to roll. This will help you avoid any potential costly breakdowns that will severely eat into your vacation funds and time. There is nothing worse than having your trip cut short due to an easily preventable repair.

A Snack Pack For a Snack Attack
With the road, comes hunger. Stopping for meals three times a day not only eats into your trip itinerary, it is also expensive. An easy and fun way to cut down on travel expenses is by supplying your own snacks for the road. Pack simple, transportable food, and snacks for you and your family. Most gas stations carry ice, so if you have space, bring a small cooler for food and cold drinks. Save your rest stops for fun and exciting destinations.

Accommodations: Think Outside the Box
If you are going to be on the road for more than one day of travel, you most likely will have to make arrangements for sleeping accommodations. Hotels and motels are not cheap and can add up when you are extending your stay. Pack your camping gear and scout out camping areas where you and your family can stay. This will cut your accommodation costs tremendously. Do you have any family or friends near the area you are traveling through or to? Make arrangements to stay with them. Not only is this a great excuse to see old friends and family, but it will also save you money on lodging expenses. Another option to explore is Airbnb, as they typically have alternative lodging options at cheaper costs than most standard hotels.

When is the Best Time of Year to Go on Vacation?
Although summer is the most popular time of year to road trip and vacation, if you have the time to travel during other times of the year, you can save money. During the offseason, accommodation pricing will be at its lowest. The least popular time of year to vacation is going to be the least expensive. Fuel prices will also be lower during the offseason. Some entertainment destinations will also be cheaper during the offseason.

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