Top Five Reasons to Get a Cash Loan

Female in Car

Many people don’t understand how cash loans work — they are afraid that their bad credit will prevent approval, or they think that the process will be a hassle and they still won’t have their cash in time. Read on to find out just how convenient and stress-free it can be to walk into Tio Rico Te Ayuda one minute and walk out with your cash in hand the next minute!

1. It’s Fast! When you visit Tio Rico Te Ayuda, you’ll be in and out in no time. Loan approval takes 30 minutes, tops! We even cash your check for you, so you are able to skip the bank and walk out the door with your loan money in hand.

2. It’s Flexible! Some customers are worried about stringent repayment terms that they won’t be able to manage, but with the help of the experts at Tio Rico, you’ll be set up with a payment plan that works for you. The terms are flexible and based on what’s comfortable for your income, so it can be a series of bi-weekly payments, monthly payments or even semi-monthly payments, according to your needs.

3. It’s Easy! Don’t be discouraged by the thought of dealing with piles of paperwork, digging through your personal files for all sorts of documentation and ending up with a cramp in your hand from signing your name so many times–that’s not how it will be when you get a personal cash loan from Tio Rico Te Ayuda! All you need to apply is your Driver’s License, your debit card or checkbook, and the registration from your car.

4. It’s Convenient! With fourteen locations all around Greater Phoenix, Glendale and Mesa, the fast cash loan you need is always just a short drive away. You won’t have to deal with the headache of driving to and from the bank several times to meet for approval, and then meet again to sign all the paperwork–at Tio Rico Te Ayuda, it’s a one time, easy stop that won’t take but 30 minutes out of your day.

5. It’s Stress-Free! The loan professionals of Tio Rico Te Ayuda want to help. In many cases, it does not matter if you have lousy credit, will need extra time for repayment or if you do not own your vehicle outright. Our customer care team is professional and helpful and will put you at ease, even if your situation seems overwhelming. We understand that unforeseen financial strife can be a burden, so we want to make the cash loan process as pleasant as possible!

Visit any one of our fourteen locations for a cash loan in Phoenix today, or call 602-322-1010 to speak with a loan expert and have your questions answered–or apply online instantly!