The Best Spring Break Trips, On a Budget

man on beach

Already dreaming of spring break? Already wondering how you’re going to be able to afford it? When you are a customer of Tio Rico Te Ayuda, we work together to help you get the money you need. Once you fill out our quick and simple form, one of our friendly and experienced customer service representatives will work with you to determine the amount of your loan. You get to take your cash immediately! This means your dream spring break can be affordable! Below are some tips to help you plan the best spring break possible.

  • Plan Ahead
    Planning is important. Who do you want to come with you? WIll they be able to afford it? The best spring break plans are often made at least 5 months in advance. Compare pricing at different locations and hotels. Research different transportation methods. Do you need to fly? Can you bring your car? Certain cases will make the most financially efficient mode of transportation differ.
  • Set a Budget
    Consistently checking up on your budget, especially during the months leading up to your trip, is extremely important. Stay on top of your spring break budget by making sure that you are getting all other expenses and payments, like rent, in on time. Also, have an idea of how much you are going to spend each day while you’re on vacation. Alcohol, souvenirs, and meal expenses add up quickly so make sure you don’t catch yourself off guard. As always, head to Tio Rico Te Ayuda for auto title loans to get cash fast!
  • Do Your Research
    Do you need a passport? Will you need to exchange currency? Will you be able to bring in certain medications? Make sure you’re fully prepared for your trip so you don’t get caught off guard too last minute. Research the cost of certain items at your destination. Many different countries, for example, will differ heavily in prices of necessities. Enclosed resorts will also take advantage with monopolized prices as well. Researching different cultures, food, entertainment schedules, weather, and current events are all going to play an important role in your vacation decisions.

Have a fun spring break!

Photo Credit: faungg