Tax Refunds and Title Loans: When You Need It Most!


We typically associate this time of year with the color green. Spring is right around the corner, which means grass will be growing with flowers in bloom. With Spring, also comes tax return season. Tax return season will also add a little green to our lives. It’s not a nice feeling when you receive your paycheck each week or month and see all of the money that the government takes out. This time of year, we actually get to see a little of the money come back to us. Did you know you can maximize your tax return by combining it with a title loan from Tio Rico Te Ayuda? Below we discuss how the combination can help you, and why Tio Rico is a supreme source for title loans.

Combining Tax Refunds and Title Loans

In a pinch for cash? Or perhaps you have your eyes set on a big purchase, but you can’t quite afford it just yet. Where do you turn to for financial assistance? A title loan is a great way to quickly obtain cash. If you own the title to your vehicle, you can easily apply for an instant title loan, which is a loan provided to you against the equity in the vehicle you own. Equity simply means the value of your vehicle minus the amount you owe against it. Tax refunds are a great “shot in the arm” cash infusion that we rely on once a year. Imagine the purchasing possibilities by combining your tax refund with a title loan from Tio Rico? Not everyone receives tax refunds. If you can’t count on a refund this year, or any year, a title loan is a great alternative for a quick cash infusion.

Where Can I Get a Title Loan

Tio Rico is your one-stop shop for your title loan needs. Apply at one of our locations or online from the comfort of your home. Worried you may not be able to get by without a vehicle to drive? Don’t be! Even though you are using your vehicle’s title as collateral for the loan, you still keep your vehicle throughout the loan process. Concerned that your credit score will prevent you from qualifying for a title loan? Tio Rico extends title loans without high credit score qualifications. Our approval process is lightning fast. Receive your cash in as little as 30 minutes! Depending on how large a loan you are seeking, you may not need insurance to qualify.

This tax season, indulge your financial freedom by combining your return with a title loan from Tio Rico.