How to Save Money and How to Get a Loan When You Need It

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Has your budget gotten stale? Perhaps you’ve decided on a few life-changes or set a new financial goal. We work with clients day in and day out to help get them the cash they need fast but also help to provide them tips on budgeting. Reevaluating your current budget and updating it to fit your changing needs is an important, yet overwhelming, task. To help jump-start your new budget, try following these simple financial suggestions:

  • Emergency Fund – Having a healthy savings account can help accomplish specific financial goals. Saving for a car, travel, or a down payment on a house requires a large savings amount. Put money into your savings account every paycheck or every month. While growing this account helps with future goals, it also acts as an emergency fund if something unexpected comes up. Also, if you’re ever in a pickle and an emergency arises, Tio Rico Te Ayuda does offer small personal loans that are as little as $100 and as much as $1,000, depending on your needs.
  • Write it Down – Keep a written budget. Whether you choose a pencil and paper or a budgeting app, having the numbers written down will take your budget from concept to reality. Instead of simply having a few financial ideas floating around your head, working out a budget and actually seeing the numbers helps to get a better grasp on your finances.
  • Budget Every Penny – Every dollar has a place. Instead of budgeting your bills and leaving some leftover, give every single dollar a job. Whether it be to pay a bill, buy some groceries, or go into your savings account, every dollar should have a place to go before it simply disappears from random spending.
  • Pay Down Debt – Owing someone money certainly takes a toll on the rest of your budget. When you take initiative to make extra payments on your current debt, you end up paying less in overall interest and have more flexibility in your budget. Does the idea of making extra payments on debt sound overwhelming? Try taking it slow. Identify your smallest loan, and make it a goal to pay it off. Pay the minimum payments on any other debt while putting extra money towards your smallest loan. When it is paid off, put that extra money towards the next smallest loan.

Even the best budgeter has unexpected events or emergencies and it is hard to find easy, fast loans in Arizona. Tio Rico Te Ayuda is there to help you in a pinch. If you need additional help for an unexpected event, try taking out a small personal loan to help cover the costs. Payments are manageable and you can always contact us with questions you have before applying.