Personal Cash Loans in Arizona 101


Getting approved for a cash loan in Arizona has never been easier–even if it’s your first time and you are unsure of how it works. Don’t stress! The loan experts of Tio Rico Te Ayuda are available at fourteen convenient locations around greater Phoenix, Glendale, Avondale, Tuscon and Mesa, so getting a fast and flexible cash loan at a moment’s notice is always an option.

Financing, interest rate percentages, loan repayment terms and the paperwork that goes along with them can feel daunting if you are worried about being short cash and have never applied for a cash loan before. Rest assured, you are in good hands with the friendly team at your local Tio Rico Te Ayuda.

All you need to qualify for a personal cash loan in Arizona is your car registration, your driver’s license and an Arizona checking account. It’s that simple! If you are 18 years or older and only need to borrow a small amount of cash ($100-$1000), a cash loan from Tio Rico Te Ayuda is the perfect solution for you.

Personal cash loans are ideal if you just need to get out of a financial pinch in the short term–with a loan from Tio Rico Te Ayuda, the repayment terms are flexible and based on your own schedule/budget and of course you get your cash in no time flat. Most loan approvals take less than thirty minutes with the help of our expert loan underwriters.

Don’t let living paycheck to paycheck get you down any longer. Relieve financial stress today by getting the cash you need for bills, gas, food or repairs instantly! Don’t be intimidated if you aren’t familiar with financing and interest rates. The team at Tio Rico Te Ayuda is well versed in explaining every aspect of the loan process in a helpful, friendly manner. Call us today if you have questions about any part of the personal cash loan process at 602-322-1010, or stop by any one of our 14 locations to get cash today!