Need a New Vehicle This Year? Get Registration Loans in Arizona!


We all know that a new vehicle is costly, but also necessary. Tio Rico Te Ayuda provides a variety of loans, strategies, and support that help make this important financial decision a little easier. Whether your family is expanding, your college car finally failed, or you are just looking to upgrade to a more reliable vehicle here are a few tips to consider when looking for a new car.

1. Decide Between a New or Used Vehicle
When choosing a new vehicle, you have to decide if purchasing a new or used car is more beneficial to your lifestyle. Over the past few years, used cars have been in high demand, making prices higher overall, resulting in a wider array of inexpensive new cars. So this year you may want to consider new cars that fit within your budget.

There are trade-offs with each a new or used car. When you buy used, it means you can get a more expensive car for your money, but the trade-offs are not really knowing the car’s history and a shorter warranty period during your ownership. When you buy a new car you get the benefit of the full warranty, often times free maintenance, but the trade-off is that you get fewer features for the same money.

2. Get Your Paperwork in Order
Before you go to purchase your car, you should get all your paperwork and finances in order. After you have done your research, print out the invoice price on the exact model you want with an itemized list of the options you’re considering. Don’t forget to look for any manufacturer incentives and rebates that apply to the car you are shopping for.

Before you go to buy a car, consider what kind of loan or financing plan that you are interested in. Shop for a loan by researching the rates at competing banks and bring all of your research documents to the dealership. If you need a little extra money, Tio Rico offers registration loans in Arizona that can help you to get your car on the road a little faster. For a registration loan, you are taking out money on the vehicle you are currently (or will be currently) making payments on. At Tio Rico, all you require is a valid ID, the registration, proof of income, and a utility bill that proves residency. Once an application is filled out, the turn around for the loan is quick.

3. Give it a Test Drive
To get the most value from your purchase, you will most likely want to keep your car for five years or longer. With that in mind, take the car on a thorough test drive and make sure that you will be happy for the long term with your purchase. While the car is still on the lot, be sure to adjust the seats, experiment with the controls, and check out the car’s special features. Make sure to take note of room and comfort; for instance, will all of your typical passengers and cargo fit in the car well? Will your life five years from now still work with the amount of space? Really taking the extra time to examine the car and feel how it drives and functions will assure you of the right decision.