Is Your Energy Bill Outrageous?


We all dread it, costly summer energy bills. Do you ever brace yourself before opening the envelope or as the online payment page opens? The summer can be the best time for a lot of things, but overpaying on your energy bill because of the heat isn’t one of them! Lucky for you, the New Mexico car title loans experts at My Tio Rico know just what you can do to ensure that you aren’t overspending on your bills. Check out the following tips in order to save money–and energy–now!

1. Set your thermostats
Setting the thermostat and maintaining it at the same level should decrease your energy by at least a small amount. It’s also a good idea to make sure that your kids stay away from turning it up or down.

2. Seal your windows
Sealing your windows with caulk or heavy duty saran wrap will look kind of silly, but will also keep the coolness in and the heat out!

3. Avoid using your oven

Pay attention to weather reports and try to only use your oven when you know the weather will be cooler. Using the kitchen oven during a hot summer day will not cool you down, and will not lower the costs for keeping your A/C or fans running. Be wary and smart when cooking this summer. Try grilling outside, trying out that new salad recipe, or using a toaster oven!

4. Use overhead fans
Does your living room or bedroom have a ceiling fan? Use it! Ceiling fans use a lot less energy than any plug in a fan or A/C. It works just as well and costs less!

5. Close blinds and shades
Doing something as simple as closing your blinds or shades when you’re at work will block the heat and sun from invading your home at the peak heat hours of the day. Trust us, you will be so thankful the second you step foot in the door after a long day at the office!

We hope that these tips will help save you from overpaying on your energy bills this summer! If you find your payments aren’t as low as you’d like them to be and you find yourself needing some extra cash, let us know! The New Mexico car title loans experts at My Tio Rico are always glad to share more money saving tips or ready to help you get the ball rolling with a personal, title, or auto loans! Call now or fill out the quick online application to the right!