How to Pay Off Medical Bills

Medical Bill

One accident or illness can take you from having zero medical debt to owing hundreds or thousands of dollars. Even if you have quality medical insurance, there can be high costs that you have to pay out of pocket when there is a medical emergency or planned procedure. If medical bills are looming over your head, you have a few options for paying them off.

Set Up a Payment Plan

Many hospitals, doctors, and other providers will allow you to set up a payment plan for medical bills that are not covered by insurance. Take a look at your bill and see if there is a number you can call. Once you get someone on the phone, ask about setting up a payment plan that fits your budget.

Finance Your Expenses with a Medical Credit Card

Some hospitals and doctors offer a medical line of credit or medical credit card. This is typically a low-interest card that can be used to cover your medical expenses. You pay for the medical bills with the line of credit or credit card and then you make payments on the credit card like any other. Often, you can work with the doctor’s office to get the medical credit card set up before it is time for your procedure.

Personal Loans

In some situations, you can get a significant discount on medical bills if you are able to pay them off in one lump sum. Hospitals and doctors regularly make arrangements with patients for this type of discount. Typically, this type of discount is available to people who do not have medical insurance. If you can get a significant discount by paying a lump sum, it is worth your time to consider taking out a personal loan. You can get a personal loan quickly, use the money to pay the bill and secure the discount, and then quickly pay off the personal loan. This design may be able to save you money in the long run.

It can feel overwhelming to look at a pile of unpaid medical bills or to face an expensive procedure. The good news is that there are options when it comes to paying off medical bills. Start with a call to the place where you owe the money. Ask for discounts and ask for payment options – you may find a solution with one simple call. If you decide that getting money quickly to pay off your medical bills is the best option, consider same-day title loans available from Tio Rico.

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