10 Ways for Teens to Earn Money

Girl on Laptop

Hanging out with friends, auto expenses, electronics, and saving for future expenses like college and big purchases are just some of the things today’s teens need to fund. There are many ways teens can earn money. Read on to learn how to earn money as a teenager.

1 – Babysitting
Babysitting is a tried-and-true teen income generator. Teens can get certified in babysitting and childcare through the Red Cross. They can get started by letting family and friends know they are certified and advertising in social media.

2 – Dog Walking
Dog walking neighborhood pets is an easy way for teens to earn money. It’s an ideal gig for teens with a love of animals, responsibility for safety, and attention to detail.

3 – Summer Camp Counselor
Teens who loved summer camp as younger children may be interested in being summer camp counselors. Camps hire and train teens for camp sessions. This is for teens who love camping activities and the outdoors and are good with children.

4 – Referee or Umpire
Teens who play sports can turn that experience into a fun and active income. Baseball, soccer, lacrosse, wrestling, and other sports need referees and umpires. Motivated teens can get trained and certified to officiate games and tournaments for their favorite sports.

5 – Lifeguard
Community pools, lakes, and beaches need seasonal lifeguards. Teens who love swimming and water can get lifeguard certified and help others enjoy water and sun safely and securely while adding to their bank accounts.

6 – Tutoring
Tutoring elementary and middle school students is a great way for teens to make money. Helping younger kids with their homework and school projects and showing others how to understand academic subjects is very rewarding.

7 – Mow Lawns/Yardwork
Teens can work mowing lawns, pulling weeds, raking leaves, and tidying up yard waste, and make money in their neighborhoods. Additional services teens can offer include cleaning up after pets in yards and planting and maintaining gardens.

8 – Yard Sign Rentals
People love to show pride in family events such as new babies, birthdays, graduations, and weddings. Teens with initiative can invest in yard signs and offer yard sign rentals, either buying yard signs or making their own.

9 – Grow and Sell Microgreens
An interest and knowledge of growing things can lead teens to growing and selling microgreens. A small investment in seeds, growing trays, and packaging supplies is all that’s needed to sell fresh healthy microgreens at farmer’s markets and to friends and family.

10 – Make and Sell Crafts
Virtually any craft teens are interested in can become an income generator. Macrame, knitting or crocheting, beading, art prints, home décor signs – the possibilities are unlimited.

Teens may want or need funds to start their earning journey, perhaps to buy supplies to grow microgreens or yard sign materials. Teens in Arizona may want to consider a personal loan from Tio Rico Te Ayuda to help them get started independently.