Hosting a Holiday Dinner on a Budget

holiday table settings

It’s the season of gatherings and shindigs but when you have more friends than cash you might feel stumped as to how to host a dinner party at your house. Who says you can’t entertain family and friends on a budget? Let’s a look at a few ways to create party this holiday season that your guests will remember without emptying the bank.

Keep the Menu Simple

A good dinner party is made up of many elements, one being the menu. You don’t have to serve filet mignon and escargot to make the menu memorable though. Good company and welcoming hospitality will go a long way toward making your party a success. So we recommend keeping the menu simple because it will help keep costs down and make prep easier for you. When it comes to entertaining, keeping things simple is the easiest way to see success.

Don’t Forget to Dress Up the Table

Don’t underestimate the power of a showstopping table. You don’t need expensive items but instead work to create ambiance with fresh flowers, candles, and cloth napkins. Experiment with table layouts and seating until you find something that works with your theme. Even if the tableware is mismatched, making everything look special will definitely add flavor to whatever food you’re serving. If you have family and friends who’ll chip in, be shameless about borrowing items from them. Most folks only use the good stuff a few times a year so they will likely \be generous about lending you a few pieces.

Add Some Mood Music

It’s the holiday season, so some music playing in the background seems like it should be a given. The volume level is up to you, but keep it low enough for people to enjoy good conversation during dinner. You don’t need a state of the art sound system for this one; tuning in to your favorite Spotify station will even work.

Ask Guests to BYOB

One of the biggest dinner party expenses is…drumroll– the alcohol. One way to avoid spending too much money for a dinner party is to specify that you’ll be offering non-alcoholic options like punch, soda, or flavored water but guests are welcome to bring their preferred alcoholic beverages to enjoy.

Plan Ahead

If you’re like the majority and don’t have hired help in the kitchen, do everything you can ahead of time. Set the table, prep the beverage table, and make as many dishes you can ahead of time. Plan the evening by making some lists, plot your strategy and get all the chores done before the doorbell starts ringing. If you’ve planned ahead, you’ll be prepared for a memorable party.While everyone is enjoying your holiday hospitality, take the time to savor your success.

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