Fall Gardening and How to Prepare

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ht: 400;”>Time passes quickly and autumn is approaching us. The kids are back in school and gives us more time to spend time outside when it isn’t as hot outside. Does your yard beckon you and encourage you to spend time there?

Most landscapes will benefit from an upgrade, sometimes just a basic cleanup, to present a more presentable atmosphere for those spending time there. Curb appeal is important for a number of reasons, including resale value of the home. Autumn is the perfect time to update your yard and improve that curb appeal.

Fall is the optimum time for planting. Just as we better exist when scorching temperatures depart, so do plants that are ready to go into the landscape. Trees, shrubs and perennial plants do best here when planted in fall. While it is best to wait on planting, you can begin the process now by deciding on a planting plan and getting the soil ready.

Take inventory of your lawn and other areas of the property. Look for areas that need shade and for spots that would benefit from color. Make notes and sketch out a design. Take a soil test to see what amendments you need in the soil.

Order catalogs or go online for plant materials and get to get good ideas. You will find tools and plant materials to get your landscape looking great for next year. Buying beautiful plants is somewhat costly, but it is a worthwhile investment.

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