Cheap Spring Break Ideas: Where to Go, Stay, and More!

desert road

Are you a college student looking for cheap spring break ideas because you’re on a budget? How about a teacher looking to take a family on vacation for a week? While there are a ton of tropical spring break locations, vacation doesn’t have to break the bank. Try some of these budget-friendly ideas!

Explore the Great Outdoors!
Bring a tent and rent a campsite. While still budget-friendly, camping allows for a variety of needs. If you don’t want to rough it too much, find a campground with running water and showers. Prepare ahead of time and bring along portable showers, a large family-friendly tent, and campfire cooking utensils. Many campgrounds are on the water, so you can still enjoy a trip to the beach!

Hit the Open Road
Have a friend who lives somewhere unique? Try a road trip back to their place! Many college students have families who would love to host during a spring break. Since your friend would provide housing, offer to pay for gas and food for the week. As a thank you to the host family, make them a home-cooked meal or offer to take them out. You can explore a new city, try new things, and keep your budget in check.

Up for an Adventure?
Are you up for an adventure and want to try something completely new? Check out websites, like, geared specifically towards discounting airfare for students and educators. Offering both domestic and international flights, Student Universe is a great option for adventure on the cheap. The best part? They offer hotel options, too!

While these spring break locales certainly won’t break the bank, sometimes students need a little help to make vacation plans happen. Try taking out a small personal loan with an affordable repayment plan to make your adventure happen. Feel free to ask any questions so you can get your spring break planned!