Don’t Waste Money This Halloween with These Tips

halloween pumpkins

A few cheap Halloween ideas can lead to big savings this October. Between purchasing loads of candy and treats, having multiple costumes and spooky decorations inside and out, the costs of Halloween can be frightful and add up too quickly. Fortunately, there are a few ways to save scary amounts of money and have a good time this Halloween. Here are a few ways to save and enjoy the holiday.

Save on Candy
The cost of candy at Halloween can put a serious dent in the family budget. One way to save is to ‘shop’ for candy coupons in the weekly flyers, supermarket flyers, the Sunday newspapers, or online coupon sites like If your neighborhood is filled with trick-or-treaters, instead of buying candy all at once, stock up gradually in early September on through October. You can find deals at bulk food stores like Costco or Sam’s, and some supermarket chains offer peel-off coupons on candy bags.

Save on Costumes
If you are planning on going to several Halloween events and are in the hunt for multiple costumes, you don’t have to waste your money on buying several outfits. Take your kids and go to the local thrift store or secondhand shop. There is a treasure-trove of outfits to inspire you—find old wedding gowns or pimp out in gaudy, flamboyant suits from the 80s, and do it for $5-$10. Shop early, by the end of October there will not be much of a selection to choose from. Another place to check out for rock-bottom costume prices is at your local dollar stores.

Save on Decorations
One of the best ways to save big is to shop for Halloween decorations on November 1. The stores have to clear out their shelf space to make way for Thanksgiving and Christmas displays. If you have the closet space, stock up—prices are slashed 75%-80% (You can also save on costumes with post-Halloween discounts!). If you enjoy making crafts, you can easily make your own decorations. A few old boxes, a little construction paper, paint and markers, a little glue, leftover fabric or worn-out clothes and you can make tombstones, ghosts, spiders, bats, and witches.

Save on Halloween Parties
If you plan on hosting a Halloween party this year, make it a BYO buffet of goodies and treats. Not only do you save but it allows for your guests to be as creative as they want. You can ask them to bring a tasty holiday dish to share—a plateful of deviled eggs or pumpkin cupcakes! Or what could be more frightening than a spicy rattlesnake stew or mystery meatballs?

Save on Free Local Events
Instead of paying top dollar to enter a Hollywood-themed “haunted house,” check first to see what free family-friendly Halloween events are happening around town. Check at your local library or community center to see what’s happening. Your town rec-center could be transformed into a haunted house or host a Halloween party that is free all. Your library could have free public readings of ghost stories. Some Parks and Rec Department organize free haunted hayrides for the kiddies. Nearly every community center organizes free, family-friendly Halloween events.

Halloween is a special time of year for kids of all ages. You and your family can have lots of fun, a great time, all the while saving money in the process. Between searching for great deals on Halloween candy for your trick-or-treaters to saving on costumes and decorations to attending free family-friendly events around town, there are bargains to be had and ways to save money and get an extra level of enjoyment this year on Halloween.

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