Car Title Loans in Arizona 101


Sometimes loans can be overwhelming. Confusing figures and amounts are stressful to those uninitiated in the world of finance–meaning most of us! What does the interest rate mean? What does “unsecured” mean, versus “secured?” Forget all the hassle of bank loans and let the cash loan experts of Tio Rico Te Ayuda show you how simple and easy a car title loan in Arizona can be.

If you own a vehicle (it’s okay if you still owe money on it!), are 18 years of age or older, you are eligible for a car title loan with Tio Rico Te Ayuda. Simply stop into any one of Tio Rico’s fourteen locations in and around Phoenix to get started. Bring along your driver’s license, car title, and that’s it!

A loan underwriter will assess how much your vehicle is worth against how much you owe on it to determine how much cash you can borrow and voila! Within about a half hour, you’ll find yourself approved!

The helpful loan experts of Tio Rico Te Ayuda  are sure to spell everything out clearly to you. The interest rate, loan repayment terms and payment options are discussed in detail so you have nothing to stress about.

What many first-time auto title loan applicants are surprised to realize is that at no point in the process do they lose possession of their vehicle! You can continue living your life normally–except that you have the cash you need. With flexible repayment options that suit your specific schedule and budgetary needs, ranging from weekly payments, semi-monthly to monthly payments, there is nothing to worry about when you take your cash for a  title loan from Tio Rico Te Ayuda.

The team at Tio Rico is there to help you if you have any questions during the application and repayment process–they want you to understand your loan and be happy with the whole transaction, from start to finish. You can find answers to many common queries on our FAQ page, or feel free to call us at 602-322-1010 and we will answer all of your questions, or stop in today to get approval for your own auto title loan in Arizona!