Beat the Heat with Tio Rico’s Personal Loans


Summer is in full-swing, and with all the blissful moments of enjoying the sunshine and the break from harsh cold weather comes those all too common heat-related system malfunctions that put a strain on an already overburdened wallet. Luckily help is just a call, visit or click away with Tio Rico Te Ayuda’s easy to obtain personal loans in Arizona.

Refrigerator Breaks
There is nothing worse than spending precious, hard-earned money on one of life’s vital necessities, food, just to have it go all to waste because of a malfunctioning refrigerator. Small appliance problems and failure tend to be extremely common when the weather heats up and places extra-strain on an already hard-working motor. And unfortunately for you, calling a repairman is never a cheap ordeal. Tio Rico’s personal loans, however, are easy to obtain and will provide you with cash quick!

Window Fan not Cutting It!
As the temperature soars, the cheap, plug-in fan is simply not making a difference in the stifling, uncomfortable heat. Your home does not have central air conditioning and it seems like the only way to get a decent night of sleep is to invest in a window AC unit. Lacking disposable income to purchase said AC unit, Tio Rico’s Cash Loans will help you today. With a loan approval taking place as quickly as 30 minutes, and flexible payment plans available, you can get your home cooled and be able to relax just a bit more in this summer heat.

Car Problems
For someone who spends a great deal of their day in their automobile, a broken air conditioner simply will not do. Rolled down windows only help so much; unless cruising on the highway, head out the window, the heat seeps into the interior of the car and makes the daily commute virtually impossible to stand. Fully knowing that this would not be an inexpensive fix, the qualification for a personal loan would greatly help out. Tio Rico offers cash loans of small amounts, from $100-$1000, and make receiving the cash loan incredibly straightforward.

No one likes their day ruined by the undeniable, sometimes suffocating heat of the summer, now you have the help to stay cool this year. If you live in the Arizona area be sure to visit one of our fourteen locations to obtain your cash loan, call 602-322-1010 to speak with one of our experienced loan experts- or apply online instantly!