Back to School Savings: Easy as 1, 2, 3

Save money for back to school

It’s that time of year again. Back to school! The fun of summer is over, and the kids go back to school. While it might be a relief to some parents to have the kids out of the house, back to school shopping can be a real nightmare. According to Quicken Loans, as of 2015, the average American household spends around $630 on back to school supplies. It might seem inevitable to spend so much on school supplies, clothes, and other necessities, but with some smart shopping, you can cut back on costs.

Here are 5 way to save on back to school purchases:

  • Create a Budget  – Before you go shopping determine the amount you can spend without breaking the bank. Let your kids know that there is a limit to back to school shopping and that they may not get everything they want. They will, however, get everything they need, for example, notebooks, pencils, and clothes. What they don’t need are expensive notebooks with graphics on them or glitter pens. You can save costs on those items and just buy the generic versions.
  • Recycle – Parents and children are quick to go back to school shopping and load up on new supplies for the whole year. However, before you make that trip, check your home for leftover supplies from the last school year. Chances are you’ll find a notebook or two that have never been used or only partially used. You might also find reusable folders, pens, and pencils lying around. Same thing with clothes! Find out what fits and doesn’t fit. Don’t spend thirty plus dollars on a new jacket if the old one still fits.
  • Sales – Back-to-school sales are a thing! Make use of them. You’ll save money buying a few things at a time. Additionally, don’t ignore the store ads that come in the mail. They are full of coupons and sale dates for your local stores.
  • Comparison Shop – Save money by comparison shopping for pricier items like clothes, backpacks, and electronics. Check online and other local stores to see which stores offer the better deal. Also, shop at stores that offer a price match guarantee, which means you can bring in an ad from another store with a better price and the store will match the price. It’s a great way to save on big-ticket items.
  • Buy in Bulk – It saves to be prepared. Stay ahead by buying school supplies in bulk—when on sale. This is great for families with multiple kids. Buying in bulk will guarantee savings for years to come.  


There are many more savvy ways to save on back to school, but no matter how you budget, sometimes unexpected expenses spring up. If you’re in need of some extra cash fast, we offer signature loans in California, so contact us or apply online now. We’ll help with any unexpected emergencies or expenses, including back to school shopping, no matter your credit history.