8 Ways to Make Extra Money from Anywhere


The challenges people face in today’s economic climate have sent many clambering for ways to make extra money. With income, wages, compensation, and benefits failing to keep pace with inflation, people are struggling to just keep their heads above water. Those looking for ways to make extra money can find it working at home or, in the digital age, from just about anywhere. Though there are many ways to make legitimate extra money, do not quit your day job just yet, and be wary of work-at-home scams. With that in mind, here are 8 ways you can earn extra money in today’s economy:

1. Freelance Writing

If you have a knack for writing or are an aspiring writer, you can practice your craft while earning money. Whether writing for local newspapers or writing blogs for company websites, freelance writing is a way for you to earn extra money from home, your local coffee shop or sitting on a park bench. In most cases, you may not get to choose the topic to write about, given that the writing is geared toward promoting a particular business. However, there is a great deal of flexibility. In fact, freelance writing generally allows you to set your own schedule and write as frequently or infrequently as you want.

2. Transcription

Though related to freelance writing, but requires good typing skills. Transcription is required by many companies who need people to transcribe audio files, case files, reports, and other types of documents. Transcription is often part time work, with a minimal time commitment. However, keep in mind that transcription can be deadline oriented.

3. Virtual Call Center

You will need good verbal skills and be comfortable talking on the phone to strangers, but if you have a landline phone or, even better, a hands-free head set, many companies offer tele-commuting jobs for people to earn extra money from home. Jobs range from cold-calling and customer service to appointment reminders and opinion surveys. These jobs can vary from cold-calling for opinion surveys, appointment reminders, customer service, and other phone related jobs. Companies like Fed-Ex, the Home Shopping Network, U-Haul, and many technology companies need virtual phone representatives.

4. Online Tutor

You may qualify as an online tutor if you have a college degree or close to completing your degree. Internet-based education companies offer help with a variety of subject areas for students of all ages around the world. It’s possible you may find yourself teaching English to grade-schoolers in China. Hours are flexible but unpredictable. Remember, if you are teaching grade school aged children in China, your hours could be very late at night or very early in the morning.

5. Sell Items Online

Become an eBay or Amazon seller. Find cheap, but appealing products in yard sales, flea markets, and your grandmother’s attic and begin to sell. Offer to sell friends and families items for a cut. Books, postcards, maps, clothing, glassware, old jewelry—even used wedding dresses—can fetch a sum of money selling online. It takes time and you need to be persistent, have a good camera to take pictures of the item to post, and write a descriptive, compelling, honest description.

6. Make Money With Your Car

You certainly can make money using your car to taxi people (think Uber or Lyft), renting your car, or advertising businesses on your car. Because your car costs money to run, you’ll need to run the numbers before using it to make money. Make sure you’ll earn more using your car than the cost to maintain it. Factor in wear and tear, such as brakes and tires, and gas expenses to make sure your effort is worth the time.

7. Become a Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is a fun way to earn extra money and get free products. Signing on to be a mystery shopper is free, so don’t “pay” to sign up for any mystery shopper service. Any place that charges you money is probably not a legitimate mystery shopping company. You may be asked to buy products online, visit specific department stores, purchase particular items, or query others for certain information. To complete the job, you will then need to submit a detailed report of your findings.

8. Become a Virtual Assistant

Many entrepreneurs these days require help in organizing the day-to-day tasks in running a small business and hire virtual assistants to get the job done. You must organization skills and manage your time efficiently, but a virtual assistant presents an opportunity to earn extra income at home. In fact, virtual assistants perform office functions as a remote worker from anywhere.