5 Ways to Decorate Your Dorm Room

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As the new school year is now in full swing, many students are getting used to new class schedules, selecting professors and teacher, and looking forward to the new semester. But in the whirlwind of preparation that each college semester requires, one thing is often overlooked: the dorm room. The dorm will be an important part of your student life, housing not only your sleeping quarters, but your study space, and your living area. It’s the place that will see you make new friends, cram for finals, and forge ahead through an important piece of your life, and, as such, deserves much attention to detail. But since dorms are often small and cramped, decorating in a way that will give you as much space as you can squeeze out of it, as well as infusing your personality, is difficult. We’ve compiled a list of five easy and affordable ways to decorate your dorm to maximize the space where you’ll spend your semester.

  1. Removable Wallpaper – Removable wallpaper is every college student’s dream. Also known as sticky vinyl, contact paper, and a myriad of other terms, after removable wallpaper is applied to any flat, clean surface, later removal leaves no damage to walls or other surfaces. It is easy to find and purchase anywhere on the internet, and comes in various patterns and colors to customize a plain, boring room to anyone’s tastes in a flash!
  2. Washi Tape – Washi tape, like removable wallpaper, can be applied to walls and other flat surfaces without damage, but is infinitely more versatile. The crafting tape originated in Japan, and quickly caught on in many other countries as a crafter’s dream. You can use this to create patterns on walls, to edge boring cork boards, desks, or shelves. Try using it to brighten up your computer, pens, or pencils, or even to create a gallery wall, by framing your favorite photos. Be creative — the patterns and colors available are endless!
  3. Storage Seating – Dorm rooms are famously cramped and small, and that means being creative with your decor, to keep maximum storage available to you. Storage seating is an easy and cute way to accomplish this — many ottomans and benches have built-in storage to keep unwieldy blankets, extra supplies, or other items that are best tucked away. Bed risers are also a good investment, giving you vertical storage space, so that when you need the floor cleared, those storage seats can disappear beneath your bed frame.
  4. Air Plants – Want some greenery in your room, but know you won’t water them? Try air plants! These plants can survive without soil, and look beautiful in any array of baubles, hanging up, or in clear vases. The only care required is to mist them a couple of times a week, as they gather all their nutrients from the air around them. It’s an easy, quick, and beautiful way to add greenery to your room, and as they are easily hung on the walls or ceiling, they won’t take up surface space.
  5. Twinkle Lights – Twinkle lights are everywhere – and for good reason! These provide a cheap, easy way to add some soft and ambient lighting to your room, as well as providing a beautiful decor piece. These lights are found more commonly around the winter holidays, but many varieties remain online and in various hardware stores year-round.

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