5 Thrifty Gifting Ideas You Can Do This Season

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When it comes to giving gifts, it’s the thought that counts. The good news is that you can stick to your holiday budget (or even look into a same day personal loan!) and give your loved ones gifts that show them how much you care. Here are five thrifty gifting ideas to provide you with holiday inspiration.

1. Homemade Body Scrub

With a few essential oils and some ingredients from the kitchen, you can make an easy and useful body scrub to make your loved one feel truly pampered. Mix one cup of brown sugar with 5-10 drops of essential oils of your choice. Put it into a pretty decorative jar and print a custom label for the perfect finishing touch.

There are many recipes online for various homemade body care products. It’s important to be aware that certain ingredients, like coconut oil, can cause problems with plumbing systems, so do your research before embarking on this project.

2. iPad or Kindle Cover

If you have a sewing machine and some basic sewing skills, you can make a DIY iPad or Kindle cover customized to please anyone on your list. Even if you don’t sew, there are many patterns with instructions to help you make a no-sew cover using duct tape or fabric glue.

3. Framed Monogram Art

Ideal for newlyweds or recent grads who recently moved into their own place, framed monogram art is simple to create and be made to match any style of decor. Look for ideas online, and shop your local $1 store for supplies.

4. Doily Printed Canvas Bag

Everyone uses canvas bags occasionally, and it’s nice to have a few in good condition. You can purchase new canvas bags at art supply stores for just a few dollars. Paper doilies make a great (cheap) stencil. Customize the bag with the paint color of your choice and for an extra-special touch, stencil the gift recipient’s initials on the bag, as well.

5. Hand Prints

For parents of little ones, handprints are precious. “Borrow” a child’s hand, paint it with non-toxic paint, and make a print of their hand on heavy-duty paper. Match the paint and paper to the family’s living room decor. Put the print in a simple frame and give the child’s parents the perfect gift.

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