5 Backyard Projects to Get Started on This Weekend


Outdoor parties and barbecues are a must for warm weather. When the days are longer and warmer you’ll want to spend as much time outside as possible, so why not turn your backyard into your oasis? Here are a few simple weekend projects to get your backyard ready for entertaining guests, quality family time, or a place of rest and relaxation.

Create Container Gardens for Your Porch
From an array of colorful flowers to a fragrant herb garden, containers are a great way to add a little life to your patio, porch, or backyard. Choose beautiful blooms, herbs, lettuces, or nasturtium, depending on whether you place your container in the shade or full sun. Choose a lightweight soil mix, which will provide excellent drainage and aeration. Do a little research ahead of time, or ask the people who work at your local greenhouse. This is an inexpensive and low maintenance way to add color to your outdoor space.

Landscaping Your Lawn the Right Way
Get your lawn and shrubbery looking its best this summer, and do it right! Safety first: when you fire up the lawn mower, remember to keep your kids and pets indoors and wear goggles to protect your eyes from dust, pollen, bugs, and debris. To get your lawn looking picture perfect, glide your mower across the hill, not up and down. Also, be sure to avoid obstacles that get in the way (that includes sprinklers!). Don’t forget to prune the shrubs and small trees, mulch the flowerbeds, and fix gravel or stone pathways in the front and back of the house.

Get Your Pool Ready
Spring is the best time to set up and clean your pool before the weather gets too hot. After skimming out the debris, give your pool cover a good cleaning before boxing it away. Next, you’ll want to check the water and pH levels for good measure before firing up the pump. Stock up on sunscreen and blow up inflatable toys, rafts, and beach balls so your whole family can enjoy fun in the sun.

Build A Fire Pit
Sitting by the fire on a chilly summer evening is the best. Whether you enjoy a few beers with your friends or the kids make s’mores, the fire pit will be the new epicenter of your backyard. Start by digging a trench in a safe, flat spot in your yard, fill it with gravel, and then assemble a stone wall around it. It might take the whole weekend to finish, but the end result is something you can admire and enjoy for years to come.

Create an Outdoor Bar
Instead of running in and out of the house to grab drinks and snacks when your friends and family are over, an outdoor bar might be a great addition to your backyard. Try positioning an inexpensive tiered rolling cart off to the side of your entertaining space. Simply stock the mixers (and extras) on the bottom level, unbreakable glasses or cups on the middle shelf, and then line up bottles across the top of the cart, allowing enough space for mixing. Cut garnishes (lemon and limes) in advance and set out a bucket of ice so guests can help themselves.

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