10 Easy Ways to Make Money Fast

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Who wouldn’t want a little extra money in his or her pocket? Finding ways to make quick cash can bring about financial security and a lot of stress relief. It can help you pay down debt or save money toward a new car or home. From a side hustle or a gig to launching your own cottage business, there are many ways to make quick cash and start earning extra money.

Having extra cash on hand also means you can start to improve many areas of your life. Instead of living paycheck to paycheck, earning extra cash in addition to your day job is a stepping stone that can provide an opportunity to save money or reduce the burden of debt, create more opportunities for you and your family, and give you peace of mind.

Whatever your skillset, there are ways to make quick cash out there. Here’s a short list to get you on your way:

De-clutter and Sell Items Online
One easy way to make quick cash is to start selling unwanted stuff online. All those clothes that are filling up your drawers and closet space need to go. Thanks to many websites like Craigslist, Gazelle, or eBay, you can sell those items online. When you run out of things of your own to sell you can visit Goodwill and like shops to search out more inventory. You can also turn to drop shipping to sell items. Dropshipping allows you to sell inventory on websites like eBay for manufacturers or distributors. Once the item is sold, the manufacturer ships it from their warehouse. You get a percentage of the sale without having to visit the post office or store any inventory.

Computer Programming
If you have a good understanding of computer coding, then there is a chance for you to make quick cash. Software companies are always looking for part-time programmers to help build software, apps, and websites. A side gig as a website designer or developer is a fast-growing industry that pretty much allows you to work wherever and whenever you want.

Take Paid Online Surveys
In some marketing campaigns, companies pay cash to understand what consumers want. If you’re looking for a way to make extra money fast, look no further than taking paid online surveys. They are free to join and free to use, and it’s a quick way to make cash. Don’t settle for one company, sign up for as many surveys as you think you can handle. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll not only be eligible for more surveys, but you can pick the highest paying surveys.

Do Grocery Shopping for People
These days, many people are too busy to even spend time shopping for food so they outsource their trips to the food mart to save on time. Grocery shopping for people has become a niche industry. By signing up for a service such as Instacart, you can make some quick cash by simply grocery shopping for people in your neighborhood. Grocery shopping for people is not just for those who are too busy, but older people and the disabled require such services, too.

Freelance Copywriting
If you can write, then there is no shortage of content needed for websites these days (this one included). Writing content pieces for websites—industry-specific articles for company websites—is in demand. Pumping out content drives web traffic to a company’s website. For websites to be found on a regular basis they need new content for readers.

Virtual Assistant
If you have an office and other administrative and organizational skills, online business owners are always in need of a virtual assistant to help with getting things done for their companies. It could be responding to emails, updating websites or editing blog content, or data entry.

Manage Social Media Accounts for People and Businesses
Social media is a big way to be seen and to deliver relevant content to followers. If you are savvy with Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and the like, then a nice side hustle for quick cash is to start managing social media accounts for businesses and entrepreneurs. As a form of direct advertising, knowing how to post relevant content can move product lines for companies. Building and managing social media profiles for companies is a great option. It can be done just about anywhere, anytime.

Youth and Adult Recreational Sports Referee
If you know the sport and are willing to get certified if necessary, local rec leagues are always in need of people who can officiate games. Whether, soccer, softball, flag football, dodge ball or hockey, to name a few, youth and adult leagues need referees. Working an evening or two or a Saturday morning can earn you some quick cash.

Become a Lyft or Uber Driver
If you live in an area that has a particularly vibrant nightlife, then you can make some quick cash by joining such ridesharing companies as Uber or Lyft. Simple to use apps bring business to you directly ride after ride. Uber Eats can even be used to deliver food like pizza!

Dog Walking
Walking dogs throughout the neighborhood can be profitable. The dog sitting and dog walking app Rover allows users to sign up for qualified dog walkers, i.e., “you,’ to walk their beloved pets when they can’t get home on time to do it. Dog walking pays $10-$30 per thirty-minute walk. Take two or three dogs at once and get in shape.

These are some helpful ways to make quick cash but if you’re in a real bind and need money today a personal loan or a title loan might be a great option. Tio Rico Te Ayuda is a family-owned and operated business that provides access to cash that our customers need immediately.