10 DIY Christmas Gifts That Are Sure to Be a Hit

Christmas Tree

DIY Christmas gifts can turn out to be some of the most meaningful gifts you can give. As an added bonus, you can save a lot of money on gifts by going the DIY route. Keep reading for 10 DIY Christmas gift ideas that are sure to be a hit.

Loom Hat
Working with a simple round loom is a quick way to make DIY hats for those you love this holiday season. You can get a round knitting loom for under fifteen dollars and learn the basics of looming on YouTube in just a few minutes. Yarn can be inexpensive as well.

Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods
Pretzel rods half covered in chocolate and sprinkles can be tasty, beautiful, and festive. Melt chocolate chips, candy melts, or almond bark and dip the pretzel rod halfway into the chocolate. Lay on parchment paper and immediately apply sprinkles. Put a few rods in gift bags or mason jars and give as gifts.

Customized Coasters Made with Tiles
You can use small 4×4 tiles to make customized coasters for the people in your life. The color of the tiles does not matter because you will be covering it up. As long as the tile is the same size, you do not have to worry about it matching. To customize the tile, you can attach paper to them using Mod Podge. If the person you plan to give them to travels frequently, you can use maps to decorate the coasters. You can also print off pictures of the person or their family and attach those to the coasters. To make the coasters even nicer, you can add cork squares to the bottom of the tile to prevent scratches or slipping.

Book Safe
An old book, utility knife, and Mod Podge can be used to create an inexpensive and creative gift. A book safe is a book with a hollowed-out area inside where you can hide valuables. You can find hardback, old books for next to nothing at garage sales and resale shops. You need to leave a few pages in the front of the book uncut and unglued to keep it looking authentic. After flipping the first 75 ages or so, trace out the size opening you want on the top page of the thicker part of the book. Take a utility knife and cut an inner square out of the book. You may have to cut it in layers. Once there is an opening, take Mod Podge and apply it to the outer rim of the pages. Once dry, you have a book safe that can store your valuables inconspicuously on your bookshelf.

Hot Chocolate Mix Jars
A mason jar, your favorite hot chocolate ingredients, and a pretty piece of ribbon can make a beautiful and inexpensive Christmas gift. Layer the ingredients for hot chocolate in a clear jar and tie a piece of ribbon around the rim of the lid to make it look festive.

Book Letters
You can use old books to create creative decorations for your loved ones. Find old, hardback books that have decorative designs on them. Look under the removable jackets of books at garage sales and resale shops. You can trace out the letter freehand on the book or print off a letter from your word processor that is the size and shape you want. Then, use a scroll saw to cut the book in the shape of the letter.

Slime Kit
For the kids in your life, put together a DIY slime kit. The basic ingredients for slime include school glue, contact solution, and baking soda. You can gather those supplies and put them in a cute box with the recipe for slime. Kids love making slime so this gift will be a hit.

Coupon Book
If you are low on cash, making a coupon book can be a great gift for a loved one. The coupon book can include coupons for tasks you’re willing to do – mow the lawn, clean the car, etc. – or for fun things like girl’s night out or a picnic in the park. You can customize this to each person.

Handmade Pom Poms
You can make your own pom poms using leftover yarn and cardboard cutouts. A quick search online will provide you with a number of video tutorials on the process. You can use these to take your gift wrapping to the next level or use them to customize other gifts you make.

Customized Picture Frame
Cover an inexpensive picture frame with a map from a place your loved one went. Use Mod Podge to permanently attach the map to the frame. Add in a picture from that trip and you have a unique, meaningful, and inexpensive gift.

If money is tight, you can save a lot of money this holiday season by making DIY Christmas gifts. You can also get help from Tio Rico to fill the financial gaps this season with a personal loan.