What Do I Need?

How Simple is it to Qualify for a Title Loan?

  1. Minimum 18 years of age
  2. A Car, Truck, Motorcycle or RV
  3. Certificate of Title
  4. Picture Identification or Drivers License
  5. Loans over $2,500 will require full coverage Insurance

Yes, it’s that easy!

How Simple is it to Qualify for a Personal Loan?

  1. You don’t have clear title to a vehicle, or any title at all
  2. You have a Motor Vehicle Registration in your name (it’s OK if the registration is not current)
  3. You only need to borrow a small amount ($100 – $1,000)
  4. You are 18yrs old or older
  5. You have a Government Issued ID (ex: Driver’s License)
  6. You have an Arizona Bank Checking Account or Debit Card from your Employer

Applying for a Personal Loan is just as Easy and Fast as an Auto Title Loan.