Get Your Arizona Tax Return Fast

Tax season is in full swing, and many people are eager to complete the paperwork and receive back their Arizona Tax Returns. Consider the following tips during your tax filing process this year and you’ll reap the benefits of the fastest refund possible!

File Early

Procrastination will do you no good when it comes to taxes. In fact, the sooner you file, the earlier you will receive back your refund. The first checks are sent out January 31, so waste no time filing and you could beat the crowd. The later you wait, the more backed up the IRS becomes, slowing down the processing of your paperwork.


Be sure to have ALL of your documents in order before you begin the processes of filing, or else your progress may be stalled due to a missing W-2 or another form. Keep your documents organized throughout the year in a separate “Tax” file so you will have all receipts, IRS forms, and W-2s right at your fingertips when it comes time to sit down and complete your tax return.


Mistakes are all too simple to make when you’re stressed about every detail of your tax return, so rather than have your paperwork slowed down, or worse, rejected by the IRS, take the time to comb back through all of your entries. Check the spelling of names, check social security numbers and check that the numbers you have input from your documentation match perfectly. It’s a great idea to have a trusted family member scan the completed return to check for typos and to run through the math as well, just for another set of eyes on it.

Get Help

If you are serious about all of the aforementioned aspects that go into an accurate, timely and complete tax return, always put your trust in a tax professional. Their expertise and support through the filing process will greatly reduce your own stress as well as ensure that everything is in proper order. Why let the stress of tax season get the best of you when there are experienced and friendly tax professionals in Arizona, happy to crunch the numbers on your behalf? Visit any one of the Tio Rico Te Ayuda locations around greater Phoenix for fast and easy tax prep today.