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Cheap Spring Break Ideas: Where to Go, Stay, and More!

cheap spring break ideas

Are you a college student looking for cheap spring break ideas because you’re on a budget? How about a teacher looking to take a family on vacation for a week? While there are a ton of tropical spring break locations, vacation doesn’t have to break the bank. Try some of these budget friendly ideas!

Help! I’m in My 30’s and Still Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Stop living paycheck to paycheck

Do you remember being in high school, looking at people in their 30’s and thinking “Wow, I can’t wait! I will have all the financial freedom when I’m that age”? Fast forward to now: credit card bills, student loans, and daily expenses make financial peace seem like an impossible goal. Sure, the future might seem… Read more »

Healthy, Low-Cost Summer Meal Planning

Save Money with Meal Planning

Like most Americans, you probably spend a big part of your budget on food and groceries. Typically, the average family’s food costs per month average about $800. For many of these families, it may be hard to stay on a healthy diet because quantity can overpower quality when it comes to being on a tight… Read more »

4 Bad Financial Habits You Might Be Teaching Your Kids

If you are a parent, you have most likely seen some of your imperfections come to light through the actions or words that come from kids. Kids and teens are constantly observing what you do and also see how you manage your money on a day-to-day basis. As much as you try to teach them… Read more »